University in brief

nefu campus

Full name

Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" 

Brief name

North-Eastern Federal University; NEFU.

NEFU 's total undergraduate student population number is about 18,582.

More than 500 students are engaged in postgraduate work.

1,200 academic staff are currently employed at the University. Of these 126 hold doctor’s degree, 644 candidate of science degree. 

12 Institutes5 faculties, 3 University branches in MirnyNerungry and Chukotka5 major research institutes, including 2 colleges and 1 lyceum.

More than 459 Degree Programs are available to our students.

The University occupies 40 buildings and 12 residence halls located mostly in the University campus. The accessible and convivial dimension of the campus makes students feel at home; international students are well integrated as it is easy to contact faculty, administration and other students. There are student canteens almost everywhere throughout the campus that propose different meals at an affordable price.

There are 1 500,000 books, periodicals and other items in the University Library. Computer stations make up the University's library resources available to users throughout the campus. Moreover it has access to a reach database of electronic resources including both Russian and foreign periodicals (EBSCO, Science, JSTOR, Oxford University Press etc.) 

The University has Geology Field Station, Museum of Archeology and Ethnography, Botanical garden and Orangery open to staff and students’ research and study.

The University has a Stadium, a Swimming Pool, a Social Centre.

Our students and staff have free access to the Ethernet and Wi-Fi in all University buildings and Residence Hall

NEFU was officially established in April 2010th on the basis of M. K. Ammosov Yakutsk State University, the university with 75 years history.

The university was named after Maksim Kirovich Ammosov, an outstanding statesman, the son of the Yakut nation and one of the founders of Yakutia and Kyrgizstan statehood.

Professor of the University of Toulouse Erik Kryubezi: "Partnership of our universities has become a model of cooperation between France and Russia"

There are 5 scientific research institutions such as the Institute of Mathematicsthe Institute of Applied Ecology of the Norththe Institute of Regional Economy of the Norththe Institute of A.E. Kulakovskythe Institute of Olonkho.

University priorities:

- New quality of the university

- Safeguarding of ecological security and effective reproduction of mineral and raw base; rational nature management

- Technology usage and production in the North

- Rise in living standards in the North

- Preservation and development of the Arctic nation culture

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