Organization of educational activities for international students

Organization of educational activities

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the territory of the Russian Federation, NEFU is transferring the implementation of educational programs of higher and secondary vocational education of all forms of training to the contact mode of students and teachers in the electronic information and educational environment using educational technologies that allow for indirect interaction (at a distance), including the use of e-learning and distance learning technologies, from March 17 2020. 

NEFU Electronic Information Educational Environment:

The NEFU system of electronic and distance learning (MOODLE):

Documents, instructions for the NEFU MOODLE are available here:

Instructions for restoring access to the NEFU MOODLE:

Instructions for restoring access to your Personal Account and to the NEFU MOODLE for the 1st year students:

Instructions for working with ZOOM:

Local regulatory acts governing the organization of the NEFU educational activities:

Instructions for foreign students and specialists arriving to Yakutsk in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

Follow our Current announcements here:

In the North-Eastern Federal University, in conditions of preventing the spread of a new coronavirus infection, a NEFU hotline was created: +7 967 929 06 44 (general line). From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. you will be able to get advice on working with the use of e-learning and distance learning technologies, the organization of educational activities, free online courses for students, the prevention of influenza and coronavirus infection, also keep abreast of current information on the activities of NEFU in the context of the prevention of a new infection.

The Clinic of the Medical Institute hot line phones: +7 914 275-25-05, registry phone:

+7 4112 49-66-55, +7 4112 49-65-75;

Hot line for the NEFU system of electronic and distance learning - +7 4112 49-69-65;


International Office:

mobile (Whatsapp) +7 914 297-88-27, +7 924 593 55 35, +7 924 569 31 26 (migration registration), +7 962 739 13 33 (Chinese), e-mail:


Hotline in training units:                                              (If there is no hotline of your training unit - contact the International office) 

Institute of Medicine – 89241687966

Institute of Finance and Economics - +7 4112 49-67-85,

Institute of Modern Languages and International Studies – 89142340144

Institute of Mathematics and Information Science - 89248615559, 8 924 175-85-69, 8 924 864-37-77,

Institute of Engineering & Technology – 89142909629

Institute of Natural Sciences - 89142702811, 89142314858

Institute of Sports and Physical Education – 89148203376

Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Peoples of the North-East –89142984370

Pedagogical Institute – 89142726057

Institute of Physics and Technologies – 89644163759

Mining Institute – 89142997490

Faculty of Road Construction - +7 4112 35-76-24

Faculty of Geology and Survey – 89244612815

Faculty of Philology - 891410221262

Faculty of History - +7 4112 49-67-43,

Faculty of Philology – 891410221262

Faculty of Law – 89241763687

Faculty of Pre-University Education – 89241650864