Technical Institute

Date of establishment

April 14, 1992

Full name

Technical Institute (branch) of the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "M. K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" in Neryungri.

Short name

TI (f) FSAEIHPE "M. K. AmmosovNorth-Eastern Federal University", TI (f) of North-Eastern Federal University, TI (f) NEFU.

In 1992, Mining and Energy Institutewas openedas a part of NEFU in Neryungri. It was formed on the basis of educational and consulting center in Engineering Department. The gradual transformation of the university branch in the regional center of education, science and culture played a key role in the intellectual and economic growth of Neryungri.The city got a unique chance to become a leading center ofspecialiststraining for the South Yakutia region.

Later, an order № 253 “On the naming of the Technical Institute (branch) of Yakutsk State University in Neryungri”was issued on 18.11.2004.

Sergey S.Pavlov

Director,Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences

678922, Neryungri,Yuzho-Yakutskaya str., 23

Phone (Fax): (8-41147) 4-49-83, 4-68-43


Website: http://svfu.rf/



Foreign Languages

Mathematics and Computer Science

Pedagogy and Methodology of Primary Education

Technology and Technics ofMPI Development

Economics, Humanitiesand Social Sciences

Russian Philology


Motor Controller and Automation of Industrial Processes

Inoperative Department of Natural and Technical Sciences

Inoperative Department of Physical Education