Useful contacts

NEFU International Relations Office:
Address: Yakutsk, str. Kulakovsky, 42, office 216
Phone/fax: +7(4112)361453 

Phones of emergency services to call from your cell phone: 
101 (01) – Fire protection and rescue 
102 (02) – Police 
103 (03) – Ambulance
Transfer from airport 

International Relations office provides a shuttle service from the airport for newcomers on weekdays. To do this, 2 weeks in advance before the arrival your flight time must be informed to: If you fly to Yakutsk on a weekend or holiday, then to get to NEFU campus, you can take public transportation. 

Public transport 

In Yakutsk there are two kinds of public transport: buses and taxis. Bus Fare - 25 rubles, baggage - 21 rubles. Payment of the fare is made to the driver while exit using cash or travel card. Travel cards can be purchased in the self-service kiosks of the bank "Almazergienbank". You can purchase a card with the number of trips: 20, 40, 60. Validity - 60 days. In addition, for your convenience, in our city there are warm bus stops, equipped with monitors with interactive interface to track the movement of shuttle buses in real time, cameras monitoring the arriving buses. Also, to wait the bus comfortably warm stops are provided with comfortable seats, have free access to the Internet via Wi-Fi, power outlets for charging phones, service of hot drinks to take away.


NEFU’s Medical Clinic


The clinic is working in accordance with the obtained license for medical activities in the following: Outpatient care, including in day hospital and hospital at home: cardiology, General medical practice (family medicine), otolaryngology, ophthalmology, functional diagnostics Surgeon's services, Proctologist services, Services of the gynecologist, Ultrasound diagnostics, Endoscopic examinations, medical-consulting: expert advice, medical examinations (admission to work, etc.), functional studies (ECG, ultrasound), treatment room. Medical clinic possesses also new modern medical equipment.

The medical clinic has  in its structure the Health center, Clinical and diagnostic department, Research Laboratories of Cellular Technologies and Regenerative Medicine, clinical diagnostic, Genomic medicine, Neuropsychophysiological Research, Osteoporosis, pathomorphology, histology and cytology, microbiology, and Educational center of practical skills and medical virtual educational technologies (Simulation Center).


Information about student dormitories

Dormitory №9/2 Address: Kulakovsky St, 42/3

Contact number: 49-66-65

9/2 Dormitory is designed for foreign students of short-term programs. This dormitory was put into operation on November 2015 and is considered to have one of the best conditions among the dormitories. The dormitory has a leisure room (reading room), gym, washing machines on several floors. All kitchens are equipped with electric stoves and refrigerators. Also on the first floor there is a café “Class” where you can have a nourishing meal while having a chat with friends. In every block there are two bays, which include large and small rooms, a kitchen, shower rooms and toilets. There is a free Wi-Fi all over the campus.

Dormitory №21 Address: Sergelyakhskaya St, 2/21

Dormitory №9/1 Address: Kulakovsky St, 42/3 Contact number: +7(4112) 49-66-67

Dormitory №1 Address: Sergelyakhskaya St, 2/14 Contact number: +7(4112) 49-66-69 Dormitory №2 Address: Oyunsky St, 19/1 Contact number: +7(4112) 36-52-43

Dormitory №3 Address: Kulakovsky St, 42/2 Contact number: +7(4112) 49-66-70

Dormitory №4 Address: Oyunsky St, 27/2 Contact number: +7(4112)-49-66-71

Dormitory №6-A Address: Kalandarishvili St, 17, block A Contact number:+7(4112)-49-66-76 Dormitory №6-B Address: Kalandarishvili St, 17, block B Contact number: +7(4112)-49-66-75 Dormitory №6-V Address: Kalandarishvili St, 17, block V Contact number: +7(4112)-49-66-74 Dormitory №7-1 Address: Kulakovsky St, 46/1 Contact number: +7(4112)-49-68-76, 49-66-04 Dormitory №7-2 Address: Kulakovsky St, 46/1 Contact number: +7(4112)-49-68-76, 49-66-04 Dormitory №8 Address: Kulakovsky St, 46/2 Contact number: +7(4112)-49-66-48

Dormitories’ charter

1. Show your pass when entering the dormitory;

2. Wear spare shoes in dormitories.

3. Keep rooms/kitchen/bathroom clean and tidy.

4. Do not bring, use alcoholic drinks (including beer)/narcotics.

5. Do not come to the dormitory in alcohol/drug intoxication.

6. Do not move to another room without permission.

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus territory.

8. Do not make noise after 11pm (permissible volume - 30 dB).

9. Do not keep lets anywhere on campus.

10. Lettings visitors stay for nights is prohibited. Visits are allowed till 10 PM.

11. Be aware that the dormitory entrance door is locked after 11 PM