Guide to a foreign student of NEFU (what is important to know?)

Recommendations at the airport:

Migration Card

The migration card serves as evidence that a foreign citizen has crossed the Russian border legally. A foreign citizen cannot legally live and study in the Russian Federation without a migration registration card. Free migration card blanks are issued at the airport. When filling out the migration card, be sure to write "STUDY" as the purpose of entry.


Exchange currency for rubles

Try to have some cash with you for transportation (RUB). You might have difficulties to exchange any currency other than dollars, however, you may use your Visa, MasterCard or JCB cards to withdraw money from an ATM at the airport or withdraw money from local banks.



You have to inform NEFU International Relations Office in advance if you need someone to pick you up from the airport.

Transfer from airport. International Relations Office provides a shuttle service from the airport for newcomers on weekdays. To do this, 2 weeks in advance before the arrival inform us about your flight time through: or by calling 4112-36-14-53

However, you may take a bus or taxi.

Bus. Fare - 33 rubles. Payment of the fare is made to the driver while exit using cash or travel card

Taxi. Taxi can be ordered by phone. We recommend you find a reliable taxi in the city of Yakutsk in advance by contacting to the International Relations Department of NEFU


Migration registration: 

International students coming to Russia must provide documents to the International Relations Office for the registration at the dormitory during 3 business days after crossing the border of the Russian Federation.

Registration requires the following documents:

* migration card + copy;

* passport + copy

If the student will live in a private accommodation, the owner of the private accommodation must register, and then the international student must provide a copy of his registration to the NEFU International Relations Office.

Registration means that a foreign citizen on the first registration has a right to remain in Russia 3 months maximum. Before registration expiration, you need to contact the NEFU International Relations Office for registration or visa extension.

In case of violation of these laws, a citizen is brought to administrative responsibility with the imposition of a fine. If the laws are violated more than 2 times, the citizen is deported and a ban is imposed on entry to the Russian Federation for 3-5 years

Contact info:

Head of Visa support and registration department - Ksenia Viktorovna Vinokurova, contact number: +7(4112) 36-14-53, e-mail: 


Health insurance for international students: 

An international student shall obtain a voluntary health insurance police at his/her own expenses within 3 days after arrival at the University. It is necessary to obtain medical insurance in a timely manner and renew the medical insurance policy annually (there should not be a day without valid insurance while in Russia). Therefore, the extension of insurance must be done in advance, without waiting for the end of the current insurance.

❖To issue the health insurance policy for foreign citizens a copy of foreign passport and a copy of registration are needed.

It is necessary to have insurance for the whole period of residence on the territory of Russia.

The Health insurance costs about 4300 rubles per year and covers the following expenses:

- Outpatient-polyclinic service (provision of primary health care in an emergency form);

-Inpatient services (Emergency hospitalization due to the presence of an immediate threat to the patient's life);


Please contact International Relations Office to obtain a health insurance policy.

(Please note that insurance does not cover dental services and chronic diseases)

In case of a medical problem (if it is specified in the insurance program) first you need to call to the insurance company

- If you fail to apply for a Health insurance on time, you violate the Federal Law "On the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens" and study contract with NEFU.

In case of violation of obligations and the order of the rector OD #510-OD dated 07/27/2020, student can be expelled from the university.


Dormitory charter 

1. Show your pass when entering the dormitory;

2. Wear spare shoes in dormitories.

3. Keep rooms/kitchen/bathroom clean and tidy.

4. Do not bring, use alcoholic drinks (including beer)/narcotics.

5. Do not come to the dormitory in alcohol/drug intoxication.

6. Do not move to another room without permission.

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the campus territory.

8. Do not make noise after 11pm (permissible volume - 30 dB).

9. Do not keep lets anywhere on campus.

10. Lettings visitors stay for nights is prohibited. Visits are allowed till 10


11. Be aware that the dormitory entrance door is locked after 11 PM

Emergency Contact information:

101 (01) – Fire protection and rescue

102 (02) – Police

103 (03) – Ambulance


Currency exchange

The list of the banks, which you could find near the campus:

1.      Aziatsko-Tihookeanskiy Bank – Oyunskiy, 16 (USD, EUR, CNY)

2.      Almazergienbank (AEB) – Oyunskiy, 11/1 (USD, EUR, CNY)

3.      Vostochny Express Bank – Oyunskiy, 11

4.      Rosbank – Oyunskiy, 5 (USD, EUR)

5.      Gazprombank – Ammosov, 18 (USR, EUR)



-Autumn (average temperature: 0˚С…-20˚С/+32˚F…-4˚F): early September is warm. Snowfall starts in the beginning and middle of October.

-Winter (average temperature: -45˚С…-35˚С/-49˚F…-31˚F

- Spring (average temperature: -20˚С…-+5˚С/-4˚F…+41˚F): March is

almost as cold as February. April is a bit warmer, but there is still plenty of


- Summer (average temperature: +15˚С…+30˚С/+59˚F…+86˚F): it is hot, but there are rain days, when it is relatively cold.



Popular applications:

- 2GiS: acts as Google Map

- Maxim: Taxi Service

- YandexTaxi: Taxi Service

- Uber: Taxi Service

- InDriver: Taxi Service


In case of Emergency at the midnight

You may ask for help at

- Unified dispatching service, contact number: (4112) 36-27-52

- NEFU International Relations Office, contact number: +7 (4112) 36-14-53

- Dormitory Administration