Scientific-Research Institute of Regional Economy of the North

Mikhail V. Nikolayev

Acting Director

Address: 2 Petrovsky Str., Yakutsk,  Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), 677891

Phone (Fax): Reception +7 (4112) 35-11-08, Deputy Director - +7 (4112) 36-10-30, Academic Secretary - +7 (4112) 36-38-04

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Institute of Regional Economy of the North was and till this days continue to be the only academic institution in economics in the huge territory of the North Asian Russia from the North Urals to Kamchatka. It conducts basic and applied research on the socio-economic problems of the North on the example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and other regions of the North-East of Russia. The scientific curators in different years from the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute were academics A.G. Aganbegian, A.G. Granberg and V.V. Kuleshov, from Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences the scientific curator was academic P.A. Minakir.

The main scientific research areas of the Institute are:

- Identification of patterns and characteristics of the formation and development of the regional economy in the North;

- Development of scientific bases of the state of socio-economic policy in the regions of the North-East of Russia;

- The study of the theory and practice of modernization and innovative development of the regional economy.


Information and Analysis Center "Expert"

Department of Regional Innovation Economy

Department of Financial Problems

Department of Population Economics and Demography

Department of Subsoil Economics

Department of Construction Economics and Housing