Institute of A. E Kulakovsky

The Institute of A. E Kulakovsky (Eksekyulyah Elekseya) is a scientific and educational structural division of the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "M. K. Ammosov North- Eastern Federal University".

The research unit was created at NEFU in 2010 on the basis of the research laboratory "Study of Artistic and Scientific Heritage of A. E Kulakovsky". 

Research areas:

1. Complex study of artistic and scientific heritage of A. E.Kulakovsky (1877-1926), a poet and scholar, researcher of culture, languages and folklore of the North-East of Russia, fundamental questions of social and economic problems of the early twentieth century.

Aims and objectives:

To publish A. E.Kulakovsky’s complete works in 9 vols. : comparative-historical study of the literary texts, their edits, their variations and dubia in aspects of a textual analysis (II vol.); preparation of authors’ texts from the scientific archives, their real-historical, textual scientific commentaries, composition of personalia ( III - V vol.); to organize and conduct regular scientific conferences, round tables, seminars on the heritage of A. E.Kulakovsky in the context of the Russian spiritual culture.

2.Problems of textology and literary criticism in the study of the Yakut literature history: fundamental and applied research of classical works and heritage by especially important authors, and the Yakut literary process in the perspective of the comparative literature issues.

Aims and objectives:

To perform scientific research and experimental development related to the genesis and formation of genres, artistic features of the national style, the transcultural model of author's identity on the testsmaterials of the original texts in the Yakut and Russian languages.

Lyudmila R.Kulakovskaya

Director, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (Fax): (4112) 49-67-54E



Department of the manuscripts and scientific heritage study by A. E. Kulakovsky, etc.

Scientific research laboratory "Problems of textology and literary criticism"