NEFU Research Library

Reseacrh Library

University Library was founded in 1934 due to the opening of the Yakut Teacher Training Institute. In 1956, the library became the university library, it was associated with the transformation of the Teacher Training Institute into Yakutsk State University (YSU).

Since 2010, with the creation of the federal university on the basis of YSU it’s called Research Library of M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University.


The mission of the Research Library of North-Eastern Federal University is to assist in the implementation of the educational process and scientific research, the training of highly qualified specialists and humanization of education, to provide a highly professional information services to library users, and access to global information resources, integrate the national information industry in the world information space.

NEFU Research Library is located 58, Belinsky str., Yakutsk. Libraries of the institutions are located in the academic buildings.

Total area - 5232 sq. m.

Working hours of the library: Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m., Saturday from 11.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. without a lunch break, a day off - Sunday. The timetable of the library changes during the examination period at the university.

Website of NEFU Research Library:

Document fund on January 1, 2015 is 1,373,773 units of storage, the fund of periodicals is 99,792 copies.

Readers can get books of universal content in all branches of knowledge in the reading rooms of the Research Library.

For readers:

- Branch reading rooms: humanitarian literature, technical literature, natural science literature and medical literature;

- Periodicals room offers newspapers, magazines in all branches of knowledge;

- Reference and bibliographic department carries bibliographic references;

- Department of Cultural Heritage provides a collection of books published in Russia until 1918, small and rare editions;

- The sector of electronic document delivery and interlibrary loan has the ability to provide and receive a copy by e-document delivery, interlibrary loan provides the opportunity to order literature for temporary use of other libraries;

Research Library provides access to licensed electronic resources, domestic and foreign:

Electronic library systems: ELS "Lan", ELS «IPRbooks», MEI ID "NELBUK", ELS "Student consultant", ELS "Physician consultant", ELS "University Library Online", ELS "KnigaFund", ELS "Urait";

Thesis: "Electronic library of dissertations" of Russian State Library, ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global (PQDT Global);

Foreign database: Web of Science, Scopus, Ebrary "Language Literature and Linguistics", Science Direct (Article Choice 200), EBSCO, Springer, American Physical Society, Wiley, American Mathematical Society, Science, Nature, American Institute of Physics, "Archives journals" system of a number of leading publishers;

Russian database:, Science Index (RSCI), "Informio", DB EastView, "Grebennikov" PH,, DB VINITI, Antiplagiat.vuz, ConsultantPlus, PanoramaAT.

Research Library participates in the Union Catalog of Russian Libraries LIBNET and libraries of the republic- it helps to improve the quality of the information and bibliographic service of students, researchers, teachers according to their requests. Total information in the electronic catalog of the library is 210,676 bibliographic records.

The library is working on international book exchange with foreign universities.

The library holds and organizes cultural and educational events for students and teachers (conferences, seminars, parties, meetings, professional days, presentations, thematic book exhibitions, etc.).

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