International Cooperation Department

Nyurgun Maksimov

Maximov Nyurgun Romanovich

Director, IR Office

216, 42, Kulakovsky Street, Yakutsk

+7 (4112) 36-14-53

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00 AM -6:00 PM (GMT +9)

International cooperation is one of the main aspects of the Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk.

NEFU collaborates with universities, colleges and research centers worldwide. The unique geopolitical position of the University determines our priorities for cooperation, which primarily includes countries of the Asia-Pacific and the Arctic regions. Our university cooperates with different countries all over the World.

International Students Office

Sardana Alekseevna Gavrilyeva, Head of the Office, Deputy Director

Recruitment and Adaptation Division

Sargylana Anatolyevna Spiridonova, Head of the Division

Visa Support and Registration Division

Ksenia Viktorovna Vinokurova, Head of the Division

David Stepanovich Pavlov, Manager

International Cooperation Support Office

Maria Vladimirovna Ilyina, Head of the Office

Arctic Cooperation Division

Andrey Sergeevich Seleznev, Head of the Division

Asia-Pacific Cooperation Division

Anna Yuryevna Lebedeva, Deputy-Head of Division

Yulia Ruslanovna Nikolaeva, Head of Division

Zhang Xiaohong, Manager

Saskylana Gennadievna Kuprianova, Manager

Anna Gennadievna Syromyatnikova, Manager

Center for International Education

Sargylana Anatolyevna Spiridonova, Director

Center for French-Speaking Countries Cooperation (French Resource Centre)

Dr. Izabella Zakharovna Borisova, Director

Center for Russian-Chinese Cooperation

Saskylana Gennadievna Kuprianova, Director

Center for UArctic Support

Andrey Sergeevich Seleznev, Director