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Welcome to the NEFU International Relations Office

Vladlen V. Kugunurov

Vice-Rector for International Cooperation,

Director, IR Office


Phone/fax: +7.4112.361453


Office Hours

The NEFU IR Office is open Monday through Friday

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Yakutsk, Russia)

Planning & Management Department 

Nikolai F. Artemev, Deputy Director, IR Office, Head of the Department: International Faculty & Scholars, Study Abroad programs, international projects    

Ksenia V. Vinokurova Visa & Registration  

Vasiliy V. Kolesov Insurance, status verification, international admissions, student database  

Isabella Z. Borisova Center for Cooperation with French-Speaking Countries (French Resourse Center)

Department for Arctic Cooperation (the University of Arctic Russian Information Center)

Lena V. Vinokurova, Director, International Research and Partnerships  

Svetlana S. Sleptsova, International Activities, Information, & Communications  

Department for Oriental Affairs (The Institute of the East) +7.4112.321481

Nyurgun R. Maksimov, Director, Partnership, Exchange, & Study Abroad (China)     

 Innokentiy S.Sivtsev, Partnership, Exchange, & Study Abroad (South Korea)   

Sardana A. Gavrilieva, Partnership, Exchange, & Study Abroad (Japan, Mongolia and other)  

Oksana E. Yakovleva, Partnership, Exchange, & Study Abroad (China)  

International cooperation is one of the main aspects of the Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk. 

NEFU collaborates with universities, colleges, research centers worldwide. The unique geopolitical position of the University determines our priorities for cooperation, which primarily includes countries of the Asia-Pacific and the Arctic. We have established long-standing cooperation with universities of the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Our university also works closely with universities in the UK, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, CIS, etc.

We send students and postgraduates

from the University to the World ...

NEFU International Students 

The International Relations Office provides information to students of the North- Eastern Federal University on partner universities, scholarship programs, language courses. We help students and graduates of NEFU with the organization of their studies abroad. Professors, instructors and university research workers who are seeking joint research with foreign partners, information on the financing international projects can also get advice here.

Foreign students come

from the World to the University ...

NEFU International students with certificates

We offer assistance to foreign students from around the world who seeking a degree, Russian language courses in international summer schools, exchange programs. We are happy to answer any questions on your application, enrollment, visa issues, accommodation, the University programs. Study for foreign students is combined with the cultural activities, so you will not only learn, but also enjoy the rich culture and traditions of our northern land.

Professors, instructors and researchers from around the world come to us. They teach local students foreign languages ​​and cultures of their countries, share their knowledge and expertise, conduct joint research.

Together with the world ...

NEFU International Students of Winter School

Together with our foreign partners, we develop joint educational programs, organize summer and winter schools for undergraduate and graduate students, work in international laboratories, expeditions and projects.

We offer a "tandem" program to help foreign students to integrate into the life of our big university, make new friends.

The international unit of the North-Eastern Federal University includes Office of International Programs, Institute of the East, French Resource Center, Korean Information Center, Resource Center of the Goethe Institute, International UNESCO Chair "Adaptation of Man and Society in the Arctic regions to Climate Change and Globalization”, Center "Multilingualism in Cyberspace" of the UNESCO Program "Information for All. "

Office of International Programs includes Center for International Education, University of the Arctic Russian Information Center, UA BCS Undergraduate Office.

If you have any further questions, please contact a representative of our staff during his or her office hours.



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