In the periodical "Vestnik of North-Eastern Federal University"

1. All manuscripts received by the editorial board of the periodical "Vestnik of NEFU" reviewed compulsorily by members of the editorial board / International Editorial Board or public reviewers on the recommendation of the relevant specialty editorial board.

2. All reviewers are acknowledged experts in the specialized field of Sciences, have publications in the relevant industry.

3. Manuscripts of scientific papers are sent for review to the extent of formation of the next two issues of the periodical in order of the date of registration of scientific articles.

4. The review should be done within two weeks of receipt of the manuscript of scientific articles by reviewer.

5. Reviewers stay anonymous on the principle of "double blind" review: reviewer, and the author does not know the names of each other.

Infraction of anonymity is possible only of the reviewer's application on plagiarism or falsification of the materials contained in the article. Reviews of the manuscript papers prepared by members of the editorial board or experts sent to review by representatives of universities and the authors upon request by e-mail.

6. If the review contains recommendations for corrections and refinement of the articles, the executive secretary sends the text of reviews to the author with the proposal to consider the recommendations in the preparation of a new version of the article or arguments to refute them. Revised version is re-sent for review.

7. In the case of refusal of publication of the article the author receives a reasoned refusal.

8. Article, which is not recommended for publication by reviewer, is not accepted to reconsidering.

9. Decision on the publication of a scientific article is taken after reviewing by the editor in chief, and if necessary - the editorial board as a whole.

10. After the decision on the admission of an article for publication the executive secretary shall inform the author through announcement on the website of Research Management ("News").  This announcement includes approximate terms of the issue.

11. Upon request, the review must be submitted to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

12. Reviews of the received materials are resided in the editorial board for 5 years.