North-Eastern Federal University named after M.K. Ammosova is the largest scientific and educational institution in the northeastern part of Russia, where, in addition to personnel training, scientific research is carried out in many areas. Science at the university is also an integral part of the education and training of highly qualified personnel. Every year more than 90% of students are involved in research activities, take part in scientific events at various levels. In many areas, the university confidently maintains a leading position in the world.



1. Stability and productivity studies of cryolithozone ecosystems in modern conditions; solution approach of the environmental problems caused by technogenic and anthropogenic actions on the ecosystem; environmental monitoring and prognostication in conditions of the intensive industrial Arctic and North development. Development of applied climatology branches.

2. The replication of the minerals and raw materials basis through the complex geological research, modern technologies of searching and exploring minerals; complex mining and processing technologies in the permafrost conditions; technologies of risk reduction and consequences of natural and technogenic disasters.

3. Paleoecological research. Assessment of resource potentials of the extinct mammoth fauna and human impact on it in the Arctic zone of Yakutia.

4. The study of biodiversity, biological resources and biotechnologies of their applications. Biochemical and physiological adaptations of organisms, molecular genetics of biological objects in the North.

5. Generation and conducting studies of correctness and numerical realization of mathematical models of natural and technogenic processes of the Arctic and North regions. Development of mathematical methods and their application in modeling socioeconomic and ecologic systems.

6. New efficient building materials and constructions. Thermal stability and energy efficiency of buildings in the Arctic and the North. Exploitation security and safety of building constructions and systems of life sustainability of buildings and constructions in cold climate conditions. Energy efficiency, electric power and other energy sources.

7. Polymers and nanomaterials development. Powder metallurgy.

8. Innovative transportation technologies with the rational use of local raw materials and energy savings.

9. Development of the scientific bases of sustaining human health in the North, production of innovational treatment and prevention of diseases among the populations in the cold climate territories. Medical biophysics.

10. Complex research of economy and society spatial organization in conditions of realizations of the NEFU Arctic Vector development.

11. The research of interdisciplinary problems of the humanitarian studies. Sustainability and development of culture, language and literature of the people in the North-East of the Russian Federation. Altaic research: Turkology, Mongolian, Korean and Japanese studies. Modern technologies and communications in a multicultural context. Cognitive, psycho-linguistic, discursive and corpora research of the language, speech and writing. International Arctic research.

12. Research and actualization of historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of the North-East of Russia. Public and private legal mechanisms of life sustainability of people, society and state in northern territories of the Russian Federation and other Arctic states.

13. Exploration of basic tendencies and territorial disproportions of education development; monitoring of pedagogical education development for the period of up to 2020; principles of management of territorial educational systems development of the North-East of Russia. Technologies improvement of optimal triggers of people’s activities in conditions of the North. Current problems of the people and society in cross-cultural aspects.