Editorial board

Editorial board:

A. N. Alekseev, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor;

A. A. Burtsev, Doctor of Philology, professor;

A. I. Gogolev, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor;

P. V. Gogolev, Candidate of Law,  lecturer;

G. F. Krymskiy, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, academician of RAS, professor;

A. A. Kugaevskiy, Candidate of economic sciences;

O. A. Melnichuk, Doctor of Philology, lecturer;

I. I. Mordosov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, professor;

A. P. Okoneshnikova, Doctor of Psychology, professor;

A. A. Okhlopkova, Doctor of Engineering, professor;

P. G. Petrova, Doctor of Medical Science, professor;

A. S. Savvinov, Doctor of Philosophy, professor;

P. V. Sivtseva-Maksimova, Doctor of Philology, professor;

N. G. Solomonov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, corresponding member of RAS, professor;

G. G. Philippov, Doctor of Philology, professor;

V. Yu. Fridovskiy, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, professor

Yu.I. Trofimtsev, Dr. Sci. Engineering, Prof.;