For authors



of publication in the academic periodical

“Vestnik of North-Eastern Federal University”


In the academic periodical can be published scientific articles of  authors from all RF regions:

  • lecturers of higher education institutions,
  • doctoral candidates,
  • postgraduate,
  • masters,
  • and other authors who make scientific researches.

Сontent requirements

Scientific sectors:

Biological Sciences (General Biology),

Technical Sciences (Informatics, computer facilities and management; Chemical engineering),

Philological Sciences (Literary Studies; Linguistics).

UDC is put down in scientific library.

Annotation: it has to  be built according to IMRAD principle - Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion.  Actuality, goals and objectives of a research. The wayin which the research was held; which methods were used. Basic conclusions, results of the research; what sort of perspectives of the research and directions of further work. Number of words in annotation must be no less than 250 words. Sections “Chronicle” and “Anniversaries” are given without annotations.

Key words: no less than 10, they must be laconic, represent the main idea and specifity of the article.

Structure of article:

Introduction: In the introductionthe concerned problem description, shortened analysis of the known from scientific literature decisions (with quotations of authorities), disadvantages and advantages (peculiarities) of suggested approach comments. Detailed work goal setting is necessary.

The main body must be entitled, proceeding from the contents and dividedin sections. The sections should have substantial titles. Introduction, sections and Conclusion are not numbered.

All of the examples in English and other languages should be translated into Russian.

Conclusion - General conclusions on the substantial part are given. One ought to escape enumerating the presented material in the article.

Literature - is given under heading “References”. The references list is additionally duplicated in Latin according to the system of the USA Library of Congress (LC, website for transliteration: All works are enumerated in order of references mentioning in the text. For periodicals it is necessary to write authors family name, initials, article’s title, periodical’s name, year of publication, tome, number or publishing, the first and the last pages of the periodical.

Information about authors (in Russian and in English) on a separate list author’s (authors’) data in are given: full name, science degree (if any), work address, post, street address with an index (for the periodical author’s exemplarsending if an author is a foreigner), e-mail, contact phone number (for a mobile connection with the editors office).

Article volume: must be up to 24 pages (illustration material and reference list inter alia), chronicle and anniversaries – 1-2 pages.

Requirements to technical registration

1. Editor Word, A-4 format, portrait orientation. Page setup: margins (upper – 2,0 cm, lower – 3,0 cm, left – 2,5cm, right – 2,5 cm); paragraph – setback 1,25 cm; feed pitch - multiplying factor 1,5; body size – 14 (with automated word shift); folio size – 12; face - Times New Roman.

2. Shortenings – are only generally accepted (in a text and in tables). All abbreviation and shortenings must be decoded at the first use in a text. All tables include headings and continuous numbering within the article denoted with Arabic numerals (for instance: table 1), in a text references are given in a shortened form (tab. 1). The text of a table is printed after two intervals; tables’ content should not be the same with the article’s text. In works of biological cyclein the title and the text of the table only Latin names of species, genus and Alu-families. The comment to the table is under the table.

3. Formulas include continuous numeration. Number is written in the end of a line with Arabic numerals in round brackets. Between formulas, separated into a single line and text and between formulas’ lines gaps no less than 1,5 – 2 cm are left.

4. Illustrated material (graphics, cards, schemes, photos) is named as pictures, include continuous numeration (Arabic numerals) and is written in a shortened form (for example: pic. 1). Colored pictures (graphics, diagrams) are accepted. The size of a picture – no less than 40 – 50 mm and no bigger than 120 – 170 mm. The comment of the picture is under the picture. In the text and on margins pictures’ places are shown. Pictures are put in the text.

5. References in the text are written as a number (Arabic numeral) in straight brackets.


Providing articles in edition

At first must be sent an electronic variant of an article (pictures are sent as separate files in the tiff format with the resolution not less than 300 dpi) to the e-mail address:

After elimination of all remarks are sent printed exemplars of an article on address: editors office, office 7, 30/4 Kurashova str., Yakutsk, 677005. The second printed variant of an article must be given without author’s name (for blind review).

If an author is a postgraduate or а master, his curator’s review must be included.

At the positive review of the manuscript are published in an order of their receipt within 3–6 months.

An irreversible decision about article publishing is rendered by members of the editorial board.

Publication of an article is free (not paid).

Articles sent without abidance by the demands given above will not be observed.

Article scheme