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Joint Research Projects

List of NEFU international research projects


Name of joint scientific project

Foreign partners of the project

Coordinator from NEFU, email


Biogeochemical cycles of permafrost ecosystems under conditions of climate change

Hokkaido University  (Japan)

Maksimov Trofim Khristoforovich, Director of the International Scientific and Educational Center for Biogeochemistry and Climatology - BEST, Dr.Sc.  



Peoples of the Russian Federation North-East: the choice of a new adaptive strategy in the context of globalization (the view of Yakut and British researchers)

The Scott Polar Research Institute of Cambridge University (Great Britain)

Alekseev Anatoly Afanasievich, professor-researcher of the department "World, domestic history, ethnology, archeology", Cand.Sc.



Revival of mammoth and other fossil animals

Biotech Research Foundation SOOAM (Korea)

Grigoriev Semen Egorovich, Director, Senior Research Fellow, P.A. Lazarev Laboratory of the Mamont Museum, Research Institute of Applied Ecology of the North, NEFU, Ph.D.


The study of liminological variables data for the quantitative reconstruction of the Holocene history of the lakes of Yakutia

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research(Germany)

Pestryakova Lyudmila Agafyevna, Professor-researcher of the Joint German-Russian Laboratory for the Investigation of the Environmental Dynamics in the Terrestrial Arctic (Biological Monitoring - BioM) Doctor of Science, Professo


Introduction of molecular plant biotechnology approaches for researching northern wildlands, identification and use of stress-adaptive genes

Pusan National University (Republic of Korea)

Okhlopkova Zhanna Mikhailovna, Associate Professor of the Institute of Natural Sciences - Biological Department, Ph.D.


Development and research of frost-resistant polymeric nanocomposites based on polytetrafluoroethylene, elastomers

The customer is the company “Applied Chemistry of Special Materials” in Changchun  (China)

Okhlopkova Aitalina Alekseevna, Chief Scientific Officer of the Educational Scientific and Technological Laboratory "Technologies of Polymer Nanocomposites",

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor



C Budget of Ecosystems and Cities and Villages on Permafrost in Eastern Russian Arctic - COPERA

Hokkaido University, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (Japan), University of Alaska Fairbanks  (USA)

Prisyazhny Mikhail Yurievich, Head of the Department of Northern Science, Doctor of Geography,



Chemical technology of nanomaterials and hydrocarbon raw materials

Myongji University(Korea)

Okhlopkova Aitalina Alekseevna, Chief Scientific Officer of the Educational Scientific and Technological Laboratory "Technologies of Polymer Nanocomposites",

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor



Sakha-French archaeological expedition to the research project MAFSO - Mission Archéologique Française en Sibérie Orientale

Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse (France)

Melnichuk Olga Alekseevna, Director of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies, Ph.D., Associate Professor



Social and biological risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases among the population of Yakutia

Kansas, Oregon and Northwestern Universities (USA)

Zakharova Raisa Nikolaevna, Head of the laboratory of Medical and Social Studies of quality of life of the population of the North, Ph.D.


Ethnicity and food culture of the peoples of Yakutia / The problem of valorization and popularization of the food culture of the peoples of the North in modern conditions (by the example of Yakutia)

François Rabelais University (France)

Borisova Isabella Zakharovna, Director of the Center for Cooperation with French-speaking Countries, Associate Professor of the Department of French Philology, Ph.D.






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