Department of Science and Innovation - a subdivision of planning and control of the university's activities in the field of organizing scientific research, innovation and training highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel.

The activities of DNI are aimed at ensuring the implementation of the main tasks of the scientific research activities of NEFU:
  • strategic planning for the development of scientific and innovative activities of the university;
  • implementation of organizational and methodological support for the research activities of the university departments;
  • assistance in attracting additional sources of funding for research activities, assistance in drawing up applications for grants;
  • preparation of proposals and draft agreements on scientific cooperation with external organizations;
  • maintaining information support and monitoring of the publication activity of the university;
  • formation of an integral system of training and professional growth of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel, providing conditions for the promotion of scientific research and development of the university in the world scientific community;
  • improvement, coordination and support of scientific research work of students and young scientists of NEFU;
  • a qualitative increase in the scientometric indicators of the university through systematic and automated collection, systematization, storage, analysis of performance in science and innovation;
  • support and development of youth science, the use of the results of scientific activities and the scientific and technical base of NEFU;
  • coverage of the results of scientific research of teachers, employees, doctoral students, postgraduates, undergraduates and applicants for doctoral and candidate degrees of NEFU, Russian and foreign scientists in the field of biological sciences, physical and mathematical sciences and philological sciences.
  Ninel V. Malysheva
Director, Candidate of Philology
Yakutsk, Kulakovsky str. 46, office 403-A
+7 (4112) 35-24-76

Department structure:
  • Research Support Department
  • Scientific personnel training department
  • Department of Youth Science Development
  • Intellectual Property Center
  • Arctic innovation center
  • Information and analytical department
  • Editorial office of the journal "Vestnik of NEFU"
  • Business incubator "OREH"