International Scientific and Educational Center for Biogeochemistry and Climatology - BEST 
  Joint German-Russian Laboratory for the Investigation of the Environmental Dynamics in the Terrestrial Arctic (Biological Monitoring - BioM)
  Internationally competitive Research Laboratory on Multiscale Model Reduction (MMR)
  International Common Use Center "Molecular Paleontology"


Institute of Natural Sciences

1.      Molecular biology science research laboratory;

2.      BioM (biological monitoring) - joint Russian-German laboratory for Arctic environmental dynamics studies;

3.      Environmental education scientific laboratory;

4.      North ecosystem ecology and stability scientific laboratory;

5.      Molecular Genetic and Cellular Technologies scientific laboratory;

6.      EKOTEKHNOPOLIS scientific laboratory of environmental technologies and rational environmental management;

7.      Landscape scientific laboratory;

8.      Mechanical and Chemical Biotechnologies technological and scientific laboratory;

9.      Atmosphere Hydrometeorology, Climatology and Ecology scientific laboratory;

10. Permafrost forestry and dendroecology scientific laboratory;

11. Students and youth activities in chemistry research scientific laboratory;

12. Cold regions limnology scientific laboratory;

13. Digital mapping systems scientific laboratory;

14. Technologies of Polymer Nanocomposites scientific laboratory.

Institute of Engineering and Technology

1.      Binder and concrete materials laboratory;

2.      Building insulation materials laboratory;

3.      Experimental test site;

4.      Constructions reliability research laboratory.

Institute of Languages and Cultures of the Peoples of the North-East

1.      Nikolay Dyachkovski experimental philology laboratory

2.      Problems of Textual and Literary Criticism;

3.      Modern Yakut Language. Translation and Linguistic Stylistics scientific laboratory;

4.      Teaching methods of the native language, literature and culture of the peoples of the North-East of the Russian Federation science research laboratory;

5.      Folklore studies scientific laboratory;

6.      Artistic heritage and comparative studies of literature of the peoples of the North-East and Siberia of the Russian Federation scientific laboratory.

Institute of Physics and Technologies

1.      Compositional Materials interdepartmental scientific laboratory;

2.      Biological Physics scientific laboratory;

3.      Nanoelectronics scientific laboratory;

4.      Radio-Electronics Student Design Bureau scientific laboratory;

5.      Graphene Nanotechnologies technological and scientific laboratory.

Institute of Modern Languages and International Studies

1.      Research of Multilingualism and Innovative Approaches and Methods of Teaching in Humanitarian Education in the Republic of Sakha scientific laboratory.

Institute of Finances and Economics

2.      Interdepartmental sociological laboratory;

3.      National Economics research laboratory;

4.      Educational and scientific project laboratory.

Institute of Medicine

1.      Cell technologies and regenerative medicine scientific research laboratory;

2.      Gastroenterology Medical Technology scientific research laboratory;

3.      Osteoporosis educational and scientific laboratory;

4.      Immunology educational and scientific laboratory;

5.      Clinical diagnostics educational and scientific laboratory;

6.      Ultrastructural and immunomorphological scientific research laboratory;

7.      Genomic Medicine scientific laboratory;

8.      Neuropsychological scientific research laboratory;

9.      Microbiology educational and scientific laboratory.

Mining Institute

1.      Emergency Procedures scientific laboratory;

2.      Technosphere Safety scientific laboratory.

Institute of Mathematics and Information Science

1.      Mathematical and computer analysis methods scientific laboratory.

Teacher Training Institute

1.      Ethno-cultural education scientific laboratory.

Faculty of Geology and Survey

1.      Sample Preparation scientific laboratory;

2.      Geological and Geophysical Modeling and Data Automatic Processing Systems scientific laboratory;

3.      Mineral Deposit Forecasting Technologies scientific laboratory;

4.      Geochemical Methods of Prospecting Mineral Deposits scientific laboratory;

5.      Geodynamics and Mineralization scientific laboratory.

Mirny Polytechnic Institute (branch) of North-Eastern Federal University

1.      Anthropogenic disturbance complex analysis scientific laboratory;

2.      Computer technologies scientific laboratory;

3.      Electromagnetic compatibility and power quality educational and scientific research laboratory.

Nerungry Technical Institute (branch) of North-Eastern Federal University

1.      Nerungrystroy testing laboratory;

2.      Earthquake monitoring educational research laboratory;

3.      Geoenvironmental Monitoring and Geotechnical Investigations scientific laboratory;

4.      Rock physics scientific laboratory;

Department of Northern Studies

1.      Northern territories economic and geographic monitoring scientific laboratory.

Institute of Additional Professional Education

1.      Modern Textbook: Teaching Practicum practical and scientific laboratory.

University department

1.      Adaptive computer technologies scientific laboratory;

2.      Philosophical foundations of civic culture educational and scientific interdepartmental laboratory.