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The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) is the largest territory of Russian Federation located in Northeastern Siberia. Could you imagine that it covers a huge area of 3 million square kilometers and 3 time zones? Rich in natural resources and culturally diverse it has a remarkable history of establishing and developing its social and political institutions, economy and industry, traditional cultures and self-identity. Located in permafrost area with sharp continental climate it represents a great interest for students fr om various academic fields. Diverse languages and cultures formed a multicultural society of Yakutia and made this part of the world interesting to explore and discover.

Warm up in -50°C!

Yakutia is not only the biggest but also the coldest region in Russia. Almost half of its territory is located within the Arctic Circle. If you come to Yakutia, you’ll experience the essence of Siberia – famous cold winters. It can hit -50°C in Yakutsk in winter, and in Oimyakon, known as the Pole of Cold, the lowest fixed temperature was -71.2°C! So, bring along warm clothes and get ready to enjoy both extreme and exciting Siberian winter. Despite all the stereotypes about Siberia, summer in Yakutsk can be very hot, so be sure to put sunscreen and mosquito repellent in your backpack!

Meet the Mammoth

Did you know that South Korean and Yakutian scientists have a joint project on mammoth cloning? NEFU scientists recently found a female mammoth body with liquid blood! If you come to Yakutia you’ll see the perfectly preserved animal carcasses of mammoth fauna at our university’s Mammoth Museum. Yakutia is located entirely in the permafrost zone which gives unique opportunities for research. The permafrost layer reaches 350 meters in depth in Yakutsk. If you get tired of hot Yakutian summer you can get refreshed in the underground Permafrost Kingdom where it is -10°C throughout the year. How is that possible? This is all the permafrost power.

Witness the uniqueness

Culture of Yakutia is very diverse: it is formed by traditions and languages of Sakha (Yakut), Russian, indigenous minorities of the North: Evens, Evenks, Chukchi and Yukagir. Yakutia is the most sparsely populated region in Russia: less than one million people populate the area of three million square kilometers. Yakutsk, the capital town, was founded in 1632 by Russian military warriors – Cossacks. Today almost three hundred thousand people of more than a hundred different ethnicities live in the town. Life in Yakutsk is never boring; you can find here almost everything: traditional Korean restaurant and bustling Irish pub, classical Russian ballet and Friday evening jazz sessions, numerous museums and art galleries, you can go to the cinema, bowling or simply stay at home chatting over a cup of tea with your new international friends.

Face the legend

When your period abroad ends, there is always a sad moment when you have to say goodbye to all your new friends, teachers, classmates. Do not take a routine flight back home, wave your hand to your friends and take a train instead! At the end of your studies you can make your way back to the Western civilization by legendary Transsiberian train route. Our international coordinators will assist you to organize this 5-day long journey to Moscow through the whole Eurasia: take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which hundreds of travelers are dreaming about!