Institute of Natural Sciences



Dean: Kolodeznikov Vasily Egorovich                                        
Adress: Yakutsk, 48 Kulakovskogo str., 233
Telephone (fax): +7 (4112) 49-68-42


Phone (fax): (fax): +7 (4112) 496842, inner 216


Institute of Natural Sciences

   One of the oldest faculties of the North-Eastern Federal University was opened in the Teacher Training Institute in 1938. It is the faculty of YSU since 1956, and of NEFU - since 2010.

The faculty trains teachers of biology, chemistry and geography for secondary schools in Yakutia, ecologists and specialists for industrial and research institutions of the republic.

There are the following areas of bachelor's and master's degrees at the Faculty:

Direction 050100.62 - Pedagogic education (biology and chemistry, geography and ecology)

Graduates can work: teachers in secondary educational institutions; teachers of primary and secondary vocational schools;workers in research institutes; experts in the social and cultural sphere.

Direction 020400.62 - Biology (gene management, genetics, crop science)

Graduates can work: employees in research, production, and design organizations; bachelors ofbiomonitoring and biological control of environmental conditions in environmental, research institutions; researchers at different levels of biological systems in the scientific and industrial organizations;workers at biomedical facilities.

Direction 021000.62 - Geography (geography, recreational geography)

Graduates can work: at geological, cartographic and geodetic, design and exploration companies, and research institutes;at research institutes, statistical centers, planning departments of ministries and agencieson the economic and geographical issues; in the general, vocational education.

Direction 022000.62 - Ecology and natural management (ecology, natural management)

Graduates can work: in the design, exploration, production, research, marketing, consulting, economic, legal, expert divisions, departments, bureaus, companies, institutions involved in the environmentprotection; in environmental authorities, environmental management, departments of agriculture, etc.

Direction 240100.62 - Chemical Engineering (chemical engineering)

Graduates can work: as technologists in the oil and gas industry, environmental protection, standardization and certificationlaboratories;as technologists in industries (timber, wood), in manufacture of constructions, plastics, pharmaceuticals, solid fuel, energy-full materials; in synthesis of substances and materials laboratories, as workers of analytical and technological laboratories of various industries; in the laboratories of research institutes .

Direction 020201.65 - Pure and Applied Chemistry (pure and applied chemistry)

Graduates can work: as research staff at research institutions; as analytical chemists in the laboratories of the oil and gas industry, environmental protection, standardization and quality certification,biochemistry,geochemistry,ecology,pharmaceuticals; in the system of higher, and secondary vocational education.