Arctic Winter School


Arctic Winter School 2020 is going to be held from February 25 – March 7, 2020


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School dates:

February 23-24th – arrivals

February 25th – March 7th – Arctic Winter School 2020

March 8-9th – departures


Participation fee:

450 Euro – Standard

350 Euro – Partner rate


The participation fee includes tuition, Arctic Winter School certificate, Transcript, accommodation, classes with field trips, tours and cultural activities.


The Arctic is a unified physiographic region of Earth, which, as most commonly stated, consists of territories of the North Pole, margins of Eurasia and North America, almost entirety of the Arctic Ocean and its islands (excluding coastal islands of Norway), and adjacent waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Total area – 27 million sq. km. According to another definition, the Arctic is a region that is located at the north of the North Circle (66°33′44″N) and its total area is 21 million sq. km.

Currently, all the countries that are interested in the Arctic pursue similar goals. Firstly, these are economic concerns, including concerns in natural resources, transport and logistics; secondly, geopolitical and military strategic concerns; thirdly, environmental and other scientific concerns, both fundamentally theoretical and practical.

Study about the Arctic in Yakutsk! As of May 13th 2019, 8 additional regions of Yakutia has been included in the Arctic zone of Russian Federation. In total all 13 Arctic regions of Yakutia are included in the Russian Arctic, which makes 49% of Yakutia’s territory belong to the Arctic zone.

The School is co-organized by Japan Arctic Research Network Center (J-ARC NET), Hokkaido University, HU-NEFU-IBPC Joint Research Lab, Institute for Biological Problems of Cryolithozone (IBPC), Northern Forum international organization.

Winter School

Thematic issues of the Winter School:

Study of Permafrost

-          Permafrost Ecosystems

-          Permafrost Environments

Climate and Natural Environment of the Arctic

-          Ecological and Sociological Systems in the Arctic

-          Natural Environments

-          Life in the North

-          Scientific Cooperation in the Arctic.

Regional Development in the Arctic

-          Arctic traffic infrastructure. How does Yakutia “live” by northern supply shipping?

-          Investment development in Yakutia.

-          Lectures and a tour at the NEFU Mammoth Museum

-          Arctic tourism development

-          Lectures from the Diamonds Studies course and a tour to a lapidary plant

Yakut Ethnography and Indigenous Cultures

-          The culture and ethnography of the peoples of Yakutia, the multi-ethnicity of the population.

-          History of Sakha

-          What is the language situation in Yakutia?

Field trips

“Cities and Suburbs in Cold Environment” (Ice road, Fish Market, City tour)

Trip to the Sakha Flux Network Site “Spasskaya Pad’ research station”



Treasury of Yakutia - Diamond Museum

Kingdom of Permafrost

Mammoth Museum

Permafrost Museum


Optional tours

Jew's Harp Music international center

«Archy» house of yakut spirituality

Museum of Political Exile

Museum of traditional music and folklore

Geological Museum



Shared rooms with shower and rest room at the NEFU dormitory with Wi-Fi, gym, dining room, kitchen, reading room, washing machines.

We kindly ask to respect the University policy: NEFU campus is alcohol- and smoking-free.

It is strictly prohibited to keep, distribute or consume alcoholic beverages, including beer on campus and in dormitories.


Target group:

Undergraduate and graduate students interested in the Arctiс Issues, Permafrost Studies, Yakut and Indigenous Cultures and Ethnography

(issues of international cooperation, geography, biology, ecology, tourism, history, ethnography, anthropology, etc.)


Language of instruction: English

Lectures and seminars are in English or in Russian with English interpretation



Tel. / Fax +7.4112.361453

International Relations Office

North-Eastern Federal University

58, Belinsky St. Yakutsk 677000 Russian Federation


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