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We invite you to go along with us an exciting journey to immerse yourself in new knowledge that meets the challenges of modernity and the future. We live in a rapidly changing world in which we need flexible abilities,  entrepreneurial skills, the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence, knowledge in the field of advanced technology, soft skills, etc.

These are 3 unique master's programs taught in English:

 «Convergence: Business management in the digital economy»

The goal of the program is to provide students with knowledge about the functioning of business entities in the digital economy and to provide an understanding of new trends in the field of effective investments and marketing in the information society. Additionally, students will develop skills of making sound economic decisions in this time of digital transformation of industries. The training is based on a project-oriented approach using the methods of economic analysis, analysis and visualization of big data, case studies and working in small groups.

 «Convergence: Cultural content in the digital age»

The goal of the program is to prepare graduates who are ready to work in the field of cultural industries, which is based on individual creativity, an activity that carries the potential to create added value and jobs by producing and using intellectual property.

The future master of cultural studies should have organizational skills; possess high-level foreign language proficiency; and should know, understand and take into account cross-cultural differences in the process of communication.

Graduates of the program can be employed in institutions of various forms, including government agencies and organizations, large and medium-sized businesses, as well as be ready to create their own small businesses.

 «Convergence: Advanced technology»

The program will focus on training engineering personnel in the field of physical materials science, capable of working in innovative international companies. In response to the challenges of changing working conditions in the world, modern professionals must have a broad outlook and relevant competencies. Graduates will obtain interdisciplinary communication skills, will be able to manage projects and different processes independently and will be able to master high technology and production technologies. At the same time, they will be fluent in English, and understand the national and cultural context and the specifics of working in their respective fields.

Internship: Students of our program receive the opportunity to undergo practical training (internships) in partner companies in South Korea.

Lecturers: The best experts in their field, Russian and foreign researchers (South Korea, France, Canada)

Our contacts:

Program Director: Professor An San Chol, Doctor of Linguistics, Director of the NEFU International School of Science,

International Relations office

tel. +7(4112)361453,

Master’s Program «Convergence: business management in the digital economy»

Rats Galina Ivanovna, Doctor of Economics,, mob. +7 (924) 166-98-78

Master’s Program «Convergence: cultural content in the digital age»

Lena Sidorova, Candidate of Cultural Sciences,, mob. +7 (924) 662-96-09

Master’s Program «Convergence: advanced technology»

Fedotova Marina Alekseevna, Ph.D.,, mob. +7 (984) 100-79-34