Institute of Additional Professional Education

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 Olga Markovna Chorosova

 Director, Ph.D., Doctor of Education, a member of the cor. APSS (Academy of Pedagogical and Social  Sciences)

 Address: 677000, 48 Kulakovsky Str, BFNS office. 532

 Phone (Fax): (4112) 32-13-55



The main objective of the Institute is the development of the system of continuing education for professionals profile of the labor market, ensuring the continuity of the state educational standards and curricula in educational institutions of different levels; creating conditions for the harmonious integration of the Institute in the existing market of additional educational services; promoting the development of the North-Eastern University educational districts with the participation of the structural units of the University, Presidential network of schools, schools of the winning conservation NGOs, institutions APE (additional professional education), associations, research organizations, copyright innovative teaching platforms, as well as other entities eligible for educational activities, including established in the form of business organizations.

The Institute implements additional professional education programs of short-term (at least 72 hours), thematic and problematic (from 72 to 100 hours), long (over 100 hours) training courses on topical issues of science, education and technology, etc., in accordance with the following types of training employment and training activities: lectures, workshops and seminars, laboratory work, seminars, exchange of experiences, field studies, training, counseling, courses, certification, diploma and other work.

The institute operates web portal "WEBDEPARTMENT", allowing the teacher, regardless of the location to build their individual educational trajectory of training and retraining. The project is implemented in accordance with generally accepted international standards of e-learning SCORM 1.2.