Mitina Olyga Ivanovna

Highly Qualified Teacher

Stroiteley 8/2

+7 (924) 663-56-52

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Position: Philologist, teacher of English, member of: "TESOL", "1-st September", "Pedsovet", "Interactive", "Mothers of Russia", "Scence", Technology and Higher Education, October 14th-15-th, 2015 (Westwood, Canada). Aims and Interests: Consult and help students; consult colleagues in English language ; reviewing and translating as treatment - thesis, research work ( colleagues and students , post-graduate. students ) . Cooperation with Limited innovative enterprises LLC IIP " Aykra " TI NEFU on Communication and further work (exchange of experiences and materials) with Findland, Korea, etc.keep Teacher-Student Relationship in Achieving Successful Learning Experience - to be at hand. Personal interests: Pedagogy, Philolgy,Ethnography, Ethnology, Sociology - Humanities; user and mastering IT. Practical member of Participation in scientific work publication regularly in mass media: International portal of distant projects - English Language ""; www."", www.",", and in various blitz-contests: PEDJOURNAL.RU; Participation in local scientific-pedagogical conferences, All-Russian and International in RF pedagogical contests.


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1. Innovative Methods at English Learning - Self-actualization Learning pdf link
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