Ammosova Aelita Mikhaylovna

Associate Professor

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Education: Medical Institute, M.K. Ammosov Yakutsk State University. Qualification: Doctor. Specialty: "Pediatrics" I.M. Setchenov Moscow Medical Academy. Additional qualification: University teacher. Academic rank and academic degree: Candidate of Medical Science Duties: Teaching disciplines "Propedeutics of Childhood Illness", "Principles for children’s health ", "Outpatient pediatrics", "Emergency assistance and care", "Nursing in pediatrics" for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th-year students in the specialty "Pediatrics" and lectures on "Pediatrics" for the 6th year students in the specialty "General Medicine". Public Dean, supervisor of the 3rd year students in "Pediatrics" Department. Biography. In 1995 I graduated from the Medical Institute, Yakutsk State University. From 1995 to 2000, I worked as a district pediatrician in Tomponsky District, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). From the years 2000-2002 I studied in clinical residency on "Pediatrics". I graduated from the graduate school at I.M. Setchenov Moscow Medical Academy. In 2008 I defended PhD thesis on "The efficacy and safety of TNF blockers Alpha - infliximab in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis", scientific advisor, Professor Ekaterina Josephovna Alekseeva. Achievements and promotion: Winner of the contest "Young Scientist", Moscow, 2006. Training: Retraining of specialty "Rheumatology" at I.M. Setchenov First Moscow State Medical University with a diploma and a certificate in the specialty "Rheumatology", May 2011, 2015 Moscow. Education in Institute Pedagogy NEFU on the program of “Psycho-pedagogical principles of learning at the university”, “Quality management of education and teaching activity ", 2010. Participation in "Call for proposals on educational activities NEFU", 2011., Yakutsk. Training courses for teachers of English language at NEFU, 2013. I took a course on "Biological therapy" 2012, 2013, Moscow. Scientific interests: pediatrics, rheumatology Research Grants: The Holder of International Grant “Marie Curie Actions”, 2008 in Genoa, Italy. Holding conferences: Conducting scientific student readings of Pediatrics, Medical Institute NEFU. Participation in conferences, symposia: 1. Participation in the Republican Research-to-Practice Conference "Urgent issues of infectious diseases in children", December, 2010, Yakutsk. 2. Participation with a report at the XV Congress of Russia’s pediatricians "Urgent problems of pediatrics" with international participation in the section of rheumatic disease in children on the theme "Biological therapy of children in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)" in 2011, Moscow. 3. Participation in the School of Rheumatologists for Children in the XV Congress of Russia’s pediatricians "Urgent problems of pediatrics" with international participation on 12-14 February 2011, 2013, in Moscow. 4. Participation in the scientific program XV Congress of Russia’s pediatricians of "Urgent problems of pediatrics" with international participation and I Forum of Children's Nurses, February 15-17, 2011, Moscow. 5. Participation in the international congress "Urgent issues of Pediatrics", March 15-17, 2011, Yakutsk. 6. Participation in the interregional Research-to-Practice Conference "Urgent issues of regenerative medicine and rehabilitation of children and adolescents", May 19-20, 2011, Yakutsk. 7. Participation in First Pediatric Forum "Innovative Technologies in Pediatrics: Achievements and Prospects", December, 2011, Yakutsk. 8. Participation in the Research-to-Practice Conference with international participation "Modern technologies of diagnostics, treatment and prevention in pediatrics", March, 2012, Yakutsk. 9. Participation in the Russian Congress "Innovative Technologies in Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery" - 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. 10. Participation in interregional Research-to-Practice Conference "Food is the basis of lifestyle and health in the North", 4-5 April 2012. 11. Participation with the report "Modern treatment of children’s rheumatic diseases" at III Interregional Research-to-Practice Conference with international participation "Human Ecology in the North", November 2012, Yakutsk. 12. Participation in Research-to-Practice Conference "Medical rehabilitation in pediatric practice: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects", Russia, Yakutsk, July 1 2013. 13. Participation with report at IV Congress with international participation "Ecology and Human Health in the North" Russia, Yakutsk, 4-7 December 2013. 14. Participation in II Congress of Pediatricians "Contemporary Pediatrics" Yakutsk, 3-4 April 2014. Scientific and social activity: Member of the regional branch of the Union of pediatricians of Russia. Member of the Society of Children's Rheumatology in Russia. Supervisor of student scientific club "Children’s Diseases". Member of the Society "Knowledge", Yakutsk.