Lukin Andriyan Vasilyevich


Yakutsk ul. Pushkin 12

+7 (4112) 49-66-05

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Born August 18, 1963 in with. Namtsy Nam District of Yakutia in the family of employees. He studied at the secondary school Nam.amsky pedagogical school 1983 Ural State University named after M. Gorky, 1989 Far Eastern Academy of Public Administration, 2005Teaching disciplines: "Fundamentals of Sociology and Political Science", "General History of State and Law", "Fundamentals of Philosophy", "Health and Safety", "Documentary management software", "Social work with different groups of the population," Guide thesis. Supervision training group JC-15-3.aculty training social studies teachers at Leningrad State University, 1991 Refresher training department employees in the Omsk Higher School of Police, 1997. Study part-time postgraduate FEASS in 2006-2009.Seniority 32 years. Of these, 14 let.Chlen Teachers Union Rosiii journalists.