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Sivtceva-Maksimova Praskovia Vasilievna, Doctor of Philological Science, professor. P. V. Sivtseva-Maksimova Yakutsk, Russian Federation STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS OF THE POEM «SHAMAN’S DREAM» BY A. E. KULAKOVSKIY: FRAME, PLOT, COMPOSITION, LIST The article presents an analysis of the poem «Shaman’s Dream» (1910) by A. E. Kulakovsky (1877–1926). It is proved that ethnogenetic contexts are present not only in the images, actualizing issues and national ideas, but also in parts and components of the structure. The artistic function names (genre product code) and the plot composition (mythopoetics as the basis of imagery) are considered. The importance of the classic works in the history of the Yakut literature is revealed in the comparative analysis of the main text and the poem list that was made before the poem was published. In the analysis of the epic poem special attention is paid to understanding the author's beginning which is important for the problem statement, the taxonomy of motives like the plot’s basis, identifying the protagonist’s functions. The genre beginning of the poem is based on the artistic unity of the big time and real space. Keywords: Yakut literature, epic poem, prediction, framing, chronotopos, list. Sivtseva-Maksimova Praskovia V. – Doctor of Philological Science, Professor of Yakut Literature of North-Eastern Federal University Named after M. K. Ammosov, Head of Research Laboratory «Problems of Textual Criticism and Literary Criticism» NEW DIRECTIONS IN UNIVERSITY LEARNING YAKUTIAN CLASSICAL POEM Sivtseva-Maksimova P.V.1 1 North-Eastern Federal University named after M. K. Ammosov The search for new directions in the study of topical problems of modern folklore studies and literary studies are of fered in the forms of a esthetic disclosure of concepts of culture. The uniqueness of Yakut poetsis represented in the dialogue comparison and opposition of images, their components, and in composition peculiarities of his works. The article considers this issue from the prospect how the folklore traditions interacts with the author’s search for a genre. This plan emphasizes the importance of the poetics of epic tales of the Olonkho. In this article the author makes a comparison of the works devoted to the theme of the civil war and the revolution, analyzing the structural gradation of the epic Sakha poetry. Poem-prediction “Shaman's dream” is equated to the indigenous discovery of new contexts, compared with the approaching revolutionary situation. The civil war is shown as an unavoidable continuation of the revolutionary events in Russia (poem “A letter to his father”). The tragic ending and renunciation of the “false wisdom” is the theme of the “Red Shaman”. The idea and the philosophical foundation of the works are encoded in the titles of the poems.


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