Student Mobility Program “North2North”

“North2North” is one of the programs of the University of the Arctic which allows students to study in the universities of Scandinavia and North America. Students of the NEFU take part in this program since 2002. During these years, more than 150 students from the different faculties and institutes of the NEFU granted scholarships for one semester study in Institutions of Higher Education of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Canada and the USA.

The north2north student exchange program provides opportunities for students to experience different northern regions firsthand, and to share experiences face-to-face by allowing students to study at other UArctic institutions. The program operates in close collaboration with the faculty exchange program to build mutual cooperation that can sustain and support student exchange.

The north2north Student Mobility Program is supported by an international network of north2north Member Institution Contacts

Under the north2north student exchange program, students will normally not pay tuition fees at the host institution and will maintain enrolment at their home institution which may or may not collect fees, depending on the local system. The north2north Student Mobility Program has at its disposal a number of north2north tuition waivers for North American placements offered by North American member institutions. Students participating in a north2north exchange in the North American region can apply for available north2north tuition waivers.

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