NEFU boxing team will participate at the 1st Open Boxing Festival in South Korea
  • 09 February 2018
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NEFU boxing team will participate at the 1st Open Boxing Festival in South Korea

On 4 February coaches and students of NEFU Institute of Sports and Physical Education arrived to the Republic of Korea to participate in joint boxing meets at Yong In University. The sportsmen will took part in The 1st Open Boxing Festival, South Korea.

The team of ten people participates in the meets together with the boxers from Yong In University, Yeongju combined team, and the professional boxers from the Philippines, the institute reported. The meets will culminate with The 1st Open Boxing Festival that will take place in South Korea on February 10 and 11.

On the first day of the event Kirsan Kolodeznikov and Nikolay Dmitriev, Theories and Principles of Physical Education and Life Safety Department coaches, conducted a training for Yong In students, NEFU students, and the combined team of Yeongju. "One could say that the first day was good for our students, counting that they were after a long flight, but there is still a number of comments on fight techniques. In general, there are a lot of problematic moments. There's something to learn and there's something to teach", - Nikolay Dmitriev shared.

The 1st Open Boxing Festival will be held at Yong In university with participants of 1000 people. Boxing Association of Korea is the event organizer. International matches, boxing tournament and speed, strength and reaction competition will be conducted at the Festival.

Author: Sardaana YAKOVLEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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