NEFU Rector met with scientists from Germany
  • 29 August 2017
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NEFU Rector met with scientists from Germany

Photo: Ayal CHERNOGRADSKY / specially for NEFU editorial board of corporate media

On August 26, Evgenia Mikhailova, rector of North-Eastern Federal University, met with the delegation of Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (Germany) to expand cooperation in science and education.

Scientists of NEFU and Wegener Institute have been conducting research work on the study of the lakes of Yakutia since 2002. About 200 limnological studies were carried out on the territory of the republic.

Within the frameworks of the meeting, the creation of the International Laboratory for Land Environmental Research was discussed. Professor of the Institute for Polar and Marine Research Ulrike Herzschuh said that this year the German Helmholtz Association will hold a competition for the creation of an international laboratory. The scientist invited colleagues from NEFU and Melnikov Permafrost Institute to submit a joint application for the competition, based on long-term cooperation.

"We have been conducting joint research on environmental changes in the permafrost region of Russia for many years. All three universities work on scientific topics that complement each other: NEFU specializes in the analysis of fossils, our institute on sedimental DNA, biogeochemical characteristics of deposits and waters, Melnikov Institute manages scientific stations and a data laboratory", Ulrike Herzschuh explained.

Director of Potsdam Branch of Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research Bernhard Diekmann noted that successful participation in the competition will help to open a high-tech modern laboratory that will help broaden the boundaries of joint scientific research in the study of environmental changes of the climate, permafrost, and ecosystem processes. "Helmholtz Association is interested in opening international scientific laboratories of high class. I think we have a chance to win a grant, because we already have a group of high-class scientists, laboratories and equipment", the professor said.

NEFU rector Evgenia Mikhailova noted that she considers the project promising, and also said that the university is interested in research that gives practical benefit with results. "Recently our university took the first place in the competition of the Russian Venture Company and the Community of Universities in the level of influence on the social and economic development of the regions, which is a very high achievement. Also, NEFU participates in the creation of a territory for rapid social and economic development. We unite four regions: Yakutia, Chukotka, Magadan and Sakhalin - we have a large territory to conduct research for the development of the entire Far East", the head of the university said.

Evgenia Mikhailova stressed that the University supports participation in the competition and the opening of an international level laboratory. "Besides scientific cooperation, we also offer to cooperate in the field of education - the establishment of joint master's programs, exchange programs for students and teachers", the rector said.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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