“Cold lands”: Finnish researcher Jukka Pietilainen pointed the importance of the Russian Media

  • 24 March 2014
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“Cold lands”: Finnish researcher Jukka Pietilainen pointed the importance of the Russian Media

Jukka Pietilainen (Finland), researcher of the Russian press presented his lecture within the frameworks of “Cold lands” International Seminar.

Research of Jukka Pietilainen focused on the Russian media, mainly regional periodicals. In addition, he studies Russia’s image in the Finnish media and language policy. He noted that the systematic study of national newspapers allow to understand the pressing issues and problems of the country.

“Currently, the media is one of the major institutions of society, mean for quickly information distribution of various orientation to the public. It influence on all spheres and institutions of society, including politics, economics, and religion. It is obvious that the media play an important role in the formation and evolution of social consciousness. Moreover, the understanding and interpretation of the most important phenomena and events in the world are carried out through it and with the help of it. It should be emphasized that the media feature is their ability to address directly to the public, bypassing the traditional institutions of society such as school, family, church, political organizations”, he said.

Finland takes first place in the joint newspaper circulation in relation to population. According to research, nine of ten people at the age 12 to 69 years old read newspapers every day. The number of magazines published in Finland exceeds 2,000 titles and total circulation is more than 15 million copies. Almost 200 newspapers are published, a quarter of which come out at least four times a week. 30 newspapers come out every day, which is rare even for the European standards.


Jukka Pietilainen - graduate of the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Tampere. PhD, Lecturer of the Faculty “Journalism and Mass Communication” of the University of Tampere (Finland).

Author: Uliana EVSEEVA, NEFU Newsroom

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