NEFU: Science hopes to clone mammoth

  • 18 March 2019
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NEFU: Science hopes to clone mammoth

Since 2012, scientists of North-Eastern Federal University together with Korean colleagues from SOOAM Biotech Research Foundation have been studying the tissues of fossil animals to find viable cells for possible cloning.

On March 11, experts from the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Japanese scientists from Kindai University published a joint article about research results on the study of nuclei from the cells of a mammoth called Yuka in the electronic resource Scientific Reports. “Scientists conducted phylogenetic and proteomic analyzes of the mammoth “Yuka” DNA, and also injected the nucleus of mammoth cells into laboratory mice. However, the experiment has mixed results, as the cells did not adapt. Nevertheless, this approach can be used in attempts to clone a mammoth”, said Lena Grigorieva, a leading researcher at the International Center for Collective Use of Molecular Paleontology.

Fossil animal tissues are being studied at NEFU for a long time to find viable cells. According to biotechnologists in South Korea, this is the most promising approach to animal cloning. “We have successful results in finding well-preserved viable mammoth cells. After receiving positive results, the results will be certainly presented in scientific journals. Our center is also engaged in the study of paleofauna objects at the genomic level. So, a phylogenetic study was conducted on the mitochondrial DNA of a native Yakut Hunting Laika in comparison with fossil dogs. Similar works are conducted with other animals; there are very interesting preliminary results on ancient and modern forest bison. Studies of the genome of ancient microorganisms are very promising. New non-pathogenic microorganisms were discovered together with St. Petersburg State University. All studies are carried out systematically because of the high cost and complexity of all tests performed”, added Lena Grigorieva, Candidate of Medical Sciences.

Author: Nikolay PETROV, NEFU Newsroom

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