The project for the establishment of a mammoth center at NEFU was presented at EEF

  • 20 September 2018
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The project for the establishment of a mammoth center at NEFU was presented at EEF

The investment project of North-Eastern Federal University for establishment of a scientific center for paleogenetics, which will deal with cloning of mammoths and studying the genetic history of the peoples of the North-East of Russia, was presented at the Eastern Economic Forum, according to Acting Chairman of the Government of Yakutia Vladimir Solodov.

"During the EEF we talked about plans to establish this center. During the State Council, the president was shown a colorful album about the implementation of national projects in the Far East. There were only three leading scientific projects - the project for the development of Mega Science facilities, FEFU Deep-sea Research Center and NEFU Center for studying the mammoth fauna. The project of the mammoth center got on the presidential agenda in scientific aspect", he said.

Solodov added that the university's projects were presented at separate sessions of the forum and the exposition of Yakutia. "In particular, we talked about the Arctic projects of NEFU at the EEF session "The Arctic, the Cosmos and the World Ocean". Acting First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksei Struchkov presented the ideas of NEFU. A significant part of the expositions was based on the developments of scientists of the federal university", noted the Chairman of the republic government.

Earlier, the head of the university reported in an interview with federal media that NEFU plans to establish a world-class scientific center on paleogenetics. According to her, about RUR 400 million are needed to implement the project. The establishment of the center will allow to carry out paleogenome research of living organisms, including humans, inhabiting the ecosystem of the North-East of Eurasia.

More than 80% of the unique discoveries of Pleistocene and Holocene animals with preserved soft tissues were found on the territory of Yakutia. Scientists of the center plan to search and study whole cells in remains of well-preserved ancient animals due to permafrost for attempts to clone extinct organisms, including mammoths.

Author: Olga SAVVINOVA, NEFU Newsroom

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