NEFU IFPRS Associate Professor held a lecture at the Arctic School 2021

  • 26 February 2021
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NEFU IFPRS Associate Professor held a lecture at the Arctic School 2021

Dariana Maksimova, a lecturer at the Department of International Studies of the Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies of North-Eastern Federal University, spoke about the features of tourism in the republic.

According to NEFU researcher, tourism is the main topic for the Arctic School. Today's meeting, according to Dariana Maksimova, is intended to show what kind of tourism can be on the territory of Yakutia, what researchers think about the development problems of this industry. The scientist considered tourism in Yakutia as a part of tourism in the Russian Arctic in general. “The Arctic zone of the Russian Federation has a great tourism potential, which is now poorly realized, because there are no developed tourist and recreational complexes. At the same time, it is impossible to say that there is no such thing as Arctic tourism in Russia at all,” said Dariana Maksimova.

The associate professor emphasized that the Arctic School was originally created to allow scientists, students and postgraduate students to visit Yakutia, as well as tourists. The pandemic has changed the school format, and now the participants of the event approach the topic of tourism in the republic from the research side. However, foreign scientists asked more questions not from the perspective of scientific activity, but were interested in Yakutia as potential tourists, the lecturer noted after the meeting.

“If we talk specifically about Arctic tourism in Yakutia, we must understand that only 13 regions in the republic belong to the AZRF, which means that we need to develop tourism there. I consider northern lights as one of the promising brands which may be developed in Yakutia. For example, residents of China go to Murmansk to see this phenomenon," said the associate professor of NEFU IFPRS.


The Arctic Winter School is organized by the Department of International Studies of IFPRS, NEFU International Relations Office and the international organization of the northern regions "Northern Forum". Watch the video of the Arctic Winter School 2020 here.

Author: Tuyara PAVLOVA / NEFU Newsroom

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