Anatoly Nikolaev: "We will carry out all the tasks set to the university together"

Photo: Anatoly SHESTAKOV / for NEFU Newsroom

  • 05 July 2019
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Anatoly Nikolaev: "We will carry out all the tasks set to the university together"

On July 3, the new rector Anatoly Nikolaev was introduced at the meeting of the Academic Council of North-Eastern Federal University. The head of the federal university shared his plans for the university’s development strategy until 2030.

Anatoly Nikolaev thanked the republic's leadership and the university staff for their confidence: “In my work, I intend to draw on my experience and knowledge gained during my work at the university, starting from the assistant position and ending with the dean and vice rector of NEFU. I am sure that together we will carry out all the tasks set by the head and government of the republic, first of all, the training of highly qualified personnel for the social and economic development of our republic and the entire Northeast of the country.”

Anatoly Nikolaev noted the following plans: “The university has a mission and we will carry it out. NEFU is on course to become one of the famous universities of world renown by 2030. These are ambitious plans, but it is impossible to say anything about the development and progress of the federal university without such goals.”

The rector added that the goals and tasks of the university are inextricably linked with the strategic development of the country. “The work of NEFU will not change drastically. First of all, the changes will concern the tasks connected with the change of the whole system of higher education as a whole, - he noted. - Today, each university should take into account the implementation of national projects in its activities. As one of the basic universities of Russia, it is important for us to include in our tasks the implementation of these projects. This will primarily concern science.”

“As a multi-disciplinary university, we train personnel in medicine, ecology, economics, industry and many other specialties. Regarding the digital economy, we are also responsible for training personnel for the implementation of the republican program. The results of the implementation of Yakutia's health programs will not be complete without NEFU - we are responsible not only for the training of specialists, but also for the functional part itself. We have a medical clinic, since this year we have been working by the CHI (Compulsory Health Insurance) system,” he said.

NEFU has specialized innovative laboratories where cell and genetic studies are carried out, the new rector added. “We are working on monitoring the health of the population of the northern territories. Now, according to the national education project, we implement the project “The Success of Every Child”. The university is engaged not only in higher and secondary special education, but also in school education. We conduct monitoring studies on the ecology of Yakutia, the state of permafrost. NEFU plays an important role in each direction,” added Anatoly Nikolaev.

The rector also noted that he will strengthen the work on improving the personnel potential of the university. “One of the main tasks is to develop the human resources of NEFU. Directors, deans of educational units are strong specialists in their fields and competent heads. In any institution, there is a generation change once in twenty years, new young personnel come. We must ensure their high-quality protection in accordance with the requirements for federal universities. If we want to become one of the best master universities, then our faculty must meet these requirements,” he said.

Author: Aleksandra IGNATIEVA / NEFU Newsroom

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