Degree programs


Thank you for your interest in applying to North Eastern-Federal University.

There are two ways of admission for international students.

I. through government scholarship allocated by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

You need to registry and send your application to

II. through University’s Central Admission Office

Note that there are only few courses available in English, and if you are applying through University’s Central Admission Office, you will be required to pass an entrance exam in Russian language. Therefore, international students are strongly advised to take the one-year preparatory course in Russian language.

Step 1. Choose your Degree Program

University offers  more than 450 Degree Programs across 12 Institutes, 5 Faculties, and 3 Branches.

Step 2. Check Deadlines.

Degree level

Starting Date*

Application Deadline

Dates of Entrance Examinations


20 June

11 July

12 - 25 July


12 July

10 August

11 – 20 August


12 July

10 August

11 – 20 August


*Starting date for the application, but you can apply for studies at NEFU using form as early as possible before the indicated dates. 

Note that students applying through government scholarship allocated by the Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation have different application and enrollment deadlines.

Step 3. Send documents to our e-mail

Make sure you submitted all the necessary documents to our e-mail  

- Copies of the education certificates of secondary and/or university education including academic transcripts, which have to be legalized (have to be done in the student’s home country), translated and notarized

- Copy of the passport, translated and notarized (the passport should be valid for at least 18 month after submitting the documents)

- Medical certificates (Chest X-Ray, certificate of the HIV-negative status, standard medical certificate)

- Copies of documents which confirm the knowledge of the Russian language (if applicable)

Step 4. Make a Payment

After enrollment, students are responsible for tuition fee, tickets, accommodation, living expenses, and health insurance.

Tuition fees are calculated based on the cost of your program and may vary.

You are recommended to make a payment of the tuition fee and accommodation using the Online Payment System on the NEFU Website

Step 5. Apply for visa

International students from some countries need a visa to enter Russian Federation. Visas are obtained at a Russian embassy or a consulate abroad. You can’t get visa in Russia. If your application is successful, you need to fill out the following form: and attach all the documents. University will send you an invitation letter for Russian embassy or a consulate after 20 business days.

Once you arrive, we will extend your visa one month prior to visa expiration date to cover the entire period of your education. Upon arrival, you need to visit International Office as soon as possible to get a registration and avoid violation of the migration laws.

Step 6. Join NEFU!

The academic year at the University begins on 1 September.