Northern Traditional Sports (Master's level)

Northern traditional sports (30 ECTS)

One-semester international non-degree program

The program is designed for students studying sports, traditional sports and seeking for Master’s degree in Sports Studies, Olympic Sports; for Master students who is interested in studying traditional sports, ethnography, cultures of northern indigenous peoples. 

The program gives knowledge on traditional sports of northern peoples, theory and methods of traditional sports training (wrestling, mas-wrestling, Yakut jumps, northern all-round (jumping sledge, lasso throwing, etc).

It has modern equipment for students training, experienced lecturers and sports instructors and provides conditions for learning and researching the various aspects of traditional sports.


Study periods and application deadlines:
Fall semester: September 16 –December 20
Deadline - June 1
Spring semester: January 20-June 30
Deadline - October 1

Program instructor 
Professor Iosif Portnyagin 
Language of Instruction: 
Russian and English 
Bachelor degree
Form of teaching: 
Individual and general lectures, practical classes 
Necessary equipment 
Indoor and outdoor sports clothes according to season

Program costs:

No tuition fee for students from partner universities.

Students coming within N2N program and bilateral agreements are exempt from paying tuition fee. 

For other category of students (individuals, free-movers) – 900 euro 

All categories of students are responsible for travel expenses, meal and personal expenses. 
Accommodation: University Student Dormitory - 14 euro (per semester)


Tatiana Olesova
International Relations Office