Faculty of Pre-University Education

Svetlana V. Fedorova, Dean, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor

Phone (fax): (4112) 49-68-02, (4112) 36-34-81, 36-72-01

Email: fdop2005@mail.ru, fdop-svfu@yandex.ru

Website: http://fdop.s-vfu.ru

The Faculty of pre-university education and career guidancewas founded in 1998. The faculty is a link between a school and a university, between a production and a university.

Goals and objectives of the Faculty: creation of pedagogical conditions that can encourage the formation of NEFU students from the most capable and prepared students and students of comprehensive secondary schools:

- Delivery of educational services, which are adequate to a content of various and multi-level educational needs of pupils and students;

- Scientific education and results-orientedcareer guidance of students of educational institutions and courses;

- Support and development of gifted children;

- Support and development of secondary and vocational education institutions.