Technological Institute

The Technological Institute was formed by adjoining of State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "Yakut State Technical Institute" to Federal State Autonomic Educational Institution "M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" in 2011, according to the order of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation№ 157 (February, 4th, 2011). Training of experts in the educational programs of higher professional education, technological secondary education is carried out with the help of the multilevel continuous vocational system. In the Institute, there is a common educational space for various stages and educational levels depending on students and pupils’ interests, requirements and future professional plans.

The institute is aimed  to make a new model of the vocational-profession training, which could provide practice-focused, technologically competent and mobile people for various branches of the economy and social sphere, representing a strategic and intellectual-technological resource of the region.

Director: Aleksey M. Bessmertny

Phone: +7 (4112) 43-90-23, 43-90-24, 43-98-22, 43-94-13, 43-90-64, fax: +7 (4112) 43-97-19



Welding, Monitoring and Diagnostic of Constructions

Vladimir Egorovich Michailov, Head of the Department

Multi-Channel Telecommunication Systems

Alexey Valentovich Ermakov, Head of the Department

College of Technologies

Natalia Egorovna  Bubyakina, Head of the College

Phone (fax): +7(4112) 43-90-64,fax: 43-97-19. ,

Curriculum & Instruction Department

Ivanna I. Pavlova, Head of the Department

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 43-90-24, 43-90-23


Department of  Educational Work

Tatyana I. Vinevzeva, Head of the Department.

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 43-90-24, 43-90-23

Email: ti.vinevtceva@s-vfu.ruvinevtseva1966@