Welcome to Mirny


General information

Our institute is situated in Mirny town of Sakha republic, Russian Federation.

Mirny is a small industrial town, which proudly bears the title of the capital of the diamond province. The richest diamond deposits and the largest diamond mines are located in the region. They are the source of national wealth and sustainable development of Yakutia.


The town was founded in 1959, following the discovery of the Yakutian diamonds. The population is about 40,000; Mirny is an administrative centre of the Mirninskiy region.

There are the headquarters of Russia’s largest diamond mining company, Alrosa, and large high-grade diamond deposits in Mirny and nearby.


Mirny has all the necessary conveniences and community services, as well as educational institutions and cultural and sports facilities. Educational institutions of Mirny range from the nursery schools or daycare centres, to higher education institutions.

There are several higher education institutions; the most prominent of them is Mirny Polytechnic Institute of the Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University.

The town provides excellent opportunity to go in for sports and hobbies. There are two indoor swimming pools, an indoor hockey ring, a stadium and numerous gyms and wellness centres in Mirny. The youth is involved in sports activities such as indoor football, boxing, biathlon, martial arts etc. supported by a number of sports groups and the Youth Sports School.

Gyms and wellness centres in Mirny.jpg

There is a ski slope for the Alpine skiing and ski tracks for cross-country skiing just outside the town.

There is a theater and a cinema for entertainment and a culture centre for leisure and hobby.

Culture centre for leisure and hobby.jpg

Just as everywhere else, young people of Mirny like to party and hang out in bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

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Places of Interest

Mirny is a young town, but it knows and prizes its history. There are three museums – the Alrosa Museum of History and Production, the Museum of Regional Studies, and the most special is the Savrasov Kimberlite Museum – the one and only kimberlite mineralogical museum.

Mirny museum.jpg

There are numerous memorials in Mirny, including architectural ensembles, such as monumental Viliuy Circus and picturesque Way to Temple. 

The Orthodox Classic School and Holy Trinity Orthodox Temple

 The Orthodox Classic School and Holy Trinity Orthodox Temple.jpg


Memorial to the participants of the Great Patriotic War

Memorial to the participants of the Great Patriotic War.jpg


LENIN square

LENIN square.jpg  

Memorial to the pioneers of diamond prospecting

Memorial to the pioneers of diamond prospecting.jpg

The pioneers of diamond prospecting memorial.jpg


The most attractive place to visit is the open pit MIR illustrating mining of diamonds in Yakutia under the conditions of permafrost.

 open pit MIR.jpg

One can visit a natural park LIVING DIAMONDS OF YAKUTIA. Here one can see tusk oxen, reendeers, bears, Yakut horses, foxes and other representatives of local fauna.


Though Mirny had emerged as a mining town, it evolved into a modern center of economic and cultural activity of Western Yakutia. Welcome to Mirny!