Institute of Psychology

Welcome to the Institute of Psychology!


The Institute of Psychology is one of the youngest institutions of NEFU. It is opened for all those who decided to cast in lot with mastering of knowledge abouthuman soul. How effectively to build relationships with people, information, technics, power, how to develop your abilities and to find new possibilities - these are the basic questions to which you can find answers in psychology.

In current lifeconditions,a psychologist becomes essential. Psychological knowledge finds the practical application almost in all spheres of human activity. Our graduates work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Education, Centers of psychological help and rehabilitation, medical institutions, schools and kindergartens, banks etc.

Director: Aida I. Egorova, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor.

Phone (fax): +7(4112) 49-67-53

Email: ,

Deputy director on educational work: Shamaeva Victoria Spiridonovna.

Phone: +7(4112) 49-67-60


Deputy director on pedagogical work: Lebedeva Raisa Vitalievna.

Phone: +7(4112) 49-67-76



Deputy director on scientific work: Sidorova Tuyaara Nikiforovna.

Phone: +7(4112) 496-933



General Psychology

Natalia Y.Prokopyeva, Head of the Department, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate professor.

Phone (fax): +7(4112) 49-67-77


Social and Folk Psychology

Nafanailova Maria Semenovna, Head of the Department, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate professor.

Phone (fax):+7(4112) 49-69-33


Social and Human Technologies

Makarova Agrafena Petrovna, Head of the Department, Candidate of Psychological Sciences.

Phone: +7(4112) 496-776



Training Center

Ivanov Mikhail Romanovich, Head of the center

Phone: +7(4112) 496-775



Center of Practical Psychology

Semenova Yulia Revolievna, Director of the center

Phone: +7 (964) 415-00-15, +7(4112) 496-781



Intramural and Extramural Student Administration

Makarova Lyudmila Prokopievna, Expert on educational-methodical work

Phone (fax): +7 (4112) 496-753



Educational and Psychognostic Laboratory

Germogenova Lena Yurievna, Head of the laboratory

Phone: +7 (4112) 496-775



Address: 42 Kulakovsky street, Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Russia, 677000.