History of conferences on Physics at the North-Eastern Federal University


     Conferences on physics in North-Eastern Federal University (until 2010 – Yakutsk State University) have a long history. In the 2000s, two All-Russian conferences were held. All-Russian scientific conference "Space- and Geophysical Phenomena and their Mathematical Models", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Professor A.I. Kuzmin was held in October 23-24, 2002 (Yu. Grigor’ev - Chairman of the Organizing Committee). Academician Krymsky G.F., director of the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Moscow State University prof. Panasyuk M.I. (Moscow), director of the Institute of Atmospheric Optics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences prof. Matvienko G.G. (Tomsk), doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. Stozhkov Yu.I. (Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) and others participate in this conference. The book of abstracts was published in the University Publishing House.

     All-Russian workshop school for young scientists "Fundamental and Applied Problems of Physics in the North" was held on 25-30 June 2003 (Yu. Grigor’ev - Chairman of the Organizing Committee). The directions of the workshop were the next: Theoretical physics; Continuum mechanics; Thermal physics; Physics of semiconductors; Solid state physics.

     The members of the Program Committee: Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Krymsky G.F. (Yakutsk), Corresponding member of the RAS Annin B.D. (Novosibirsk), Corresponding member of the RAS Monakhov V.N. (Novosibirsk), Professor Voevodin A.F. (Novosibirsk), Professor Kolesnik A.G. (Tomsk), Professor Pustynsky I.N. (Tomsk), Professor Egorov N.V. (St. Petersburg), Pofessor Kochelayev B.I. (Kazan), Professor Savitsky A.P. (Tomsk), Professor Matorin D.N. (Moscow). 11 plenary (45 minutes) and 38 sectional (30 minutes) reports were heard. The book of abstracts was published in the University Publishing House. Selected papers are published in the Collection of papers “Din. Splosh. Sredy” (Issue 122, 2004, Novosibirsk, Lavrent’ev Institute of Hydrodynamics of the SB RAN), this collections are indexed in zbMATH (for example, https://zbmath.org/?q=py:2004+ai:grigorev.yu-m).

     The scientific and technical conference dedicated to the memory of Professor N.S. Ivanov «Modern problems of thermophysics and heat power engineering in conditions of The Far North» held since 1993 every two years on December 7 in Yakutsk, by Physics and Technology Institute of NEFU and the Institute of Physical and Technical Problems of the North of the SB RAS. The last 13th conference was held on December 7, 2017.  FTI NEFU was the organizer of the conference in 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017 years. 11 scientific proceedings of the conference were published (the last in 2015) in the University Publishing House. The number of participants is 30-40 people. The conference covers the main researches in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) on experimental and theoretical thermophysics, soil mechanics, permafrost, heat power engineering and energy saving in the North.

     The partner university – Kazan Federal University – has also the history of successful organization of conferences on physics. Among them the following events can be mentioned (all of them are very close to the topics of the current conferences):

·         International Symposium on Quantum Fluids and Solids QFS2007 (http://old.kpfu.ru/qfs2007/index.php ; for the history of these symposiums - https://people.umass.edu/qfs98/history.htm)

·         International Workshop on Electrons and Ions in Quantum Fluids and Solids 2004 (https://kpfu.ru/physics/konferencii/2d-electrons-on-liquid-helium-and-quantum; for the history of these workshops - http://lt.riken.jp/2017/eiqfs2018/ )

·         3rd International Workshop on Statistical Physics and Mathematics for Complex Systems 2012 (http://old.kpfu.ru/conf/spmcs2012/ )

     About two years ago two Russian Federal Universities - North-Eastern Federal University (Yakutsk) and Kazan Federal University (Kazan) decided to organise the series of  conferences on the “hot” topics in the condensed matter physics. It took more than year to prepare everything and this June the conference “2D systems of the strong correlated electrons: from fundamental research to practical applications” will take place. The conference is organised by three research centres - North-Eastern Federal University (Yakutsk), Kazan Federal University (Kazan), and the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Russian Academy of Science (Novosibirsk)i - and its main scope to gather scientists and engineers for discussion of fundamental results and the technical issues in the field of new materials, namely two-dimensional systems of the strong correlated electrons. We are going to organise such conferences on the biannual basis. The conference is supported by the Russian Fund for Basics Research and by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. The program of the conference includes such topics as:

·         Graphene: new perspectives for applications. The session is devoted to modern theoretical and experimental research into the problems of applying graphene and related structures. A great deal of attention will be paid to mathematical modeling and practical use of graphene materials in various areas of the application.

·         Optoelectronics and biosensors based on 2D materials. The session is devoted to experimental and theoretical studies of optoelectronic devices and biosensors based on various two-dimensional materials, including graphene, as well as questions of their practical implementation.

·         Spintronic and "valley" electronics, topological insulators and electrons on liquid helium - the way to quantum simulators

·         Other topics in Physics. The session is devoted to research into other areas of physics that have not been included in other areas of the conference