Nikolaeva Tatyyana Yakovlevna

Head of Department

P. Alexeev's st., 83a

+7 (4112) 49-67-65

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Additional information

The scientific activity is devoted to the study of cerebrovascular diseases in Yakutia and the contribution of genetic factors to the development of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. In 2006 she defended her Ph.D. dissertation "Ischemic stroke in the East Siberian region: epidemiology, risk factors, genetic and immune mechanisms". Her research is known in Russian and international neurological societies. She is the author of about 200 scientific publications, including 17 study guides and coauthor of two monographs. On 01.01.2020 Citation Index database WoS - 34, in RISC – 352, and h-index – 7.