Nikolaev Anatoliy Ivanovich

Associate Professor

58 Belinsky str, Yakutsk, Republic of Sakha

+7 (4112) 49-66-40

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Additional information

Areas of expertise: My research interests centre on phonetic theory, multilingualism, intonation and other aspects of prosody, including dialects, gender differencies and other phonetic variations. My research work deals with intonation of the English spoken by the Yakuts. This research reveals how intonational transfer of communicative sentence-types manifests itself in the speech of students, the bilinguals of the Yakut and Russian languages, who learn English as a foreign language.


Publication Dowload Links
1. Foreign language accent and prosody in the context of cross-cultural multilingualism pdf link
2. Prosodic interference in speech of bilingual studentswhile learning English link