Ivanova Olyga Nikolaevna

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The author of over 200 scientific works and methodical manuals, 2 monographs and 10 textbooks. Is the main non-staff allergist-immunologist MOH Sakha(Yakutia), member of the Academy of natural Sciences, Union of pediatricians of Russia, Russian Association of allergologists and clinical immunologists. In 2008 he was awarded the silver medal of V. I. Vernadsky of the Russian Academy of natural Sciences for achievements in scientific activity. In 2007 he won a grant LLC Federal program "Integration" and the International society of immunologists. Composition: Atopic dermatitis in children of Sakha(Yakutia) –monograph. Yakutsk, Publishing house of NEFU. 2010.- 100стр, Allergic rhinitis in children of Sakha(Yakutia).- monograph. Yakutsk, Publishing house of NEFU. 2012.- 100стр. "Clinical immunology and Allergology" tutorial under the heading ULV DV RUMC. Yakutsk. Publishing house NEFU. 2013.- 113стр


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