Migalkin Afanasiy Vasilyevich


Kulakovsky str., 42

+7 (914) 271-26-17

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Additional information

Duties: - To lead a scientific, technical, and industrial and economic activities of the Institute, to organize realization basic and applied research and development; - To participate in the formulation and justification of the goals and objectives of the research and development work, survey work, to determine the value and need of their realization, the ways and methods of their solutions; - To organize the complex research and development on the issue, to participate in their implementation, to ensure thematic plans, high quality and high scientific level of the work, the practical use of their results; - To coordinate the activities of the Institute sectors; - To organize a drawing up the summary of scientific and technical reports on the issue, to present scientific and technical information and reports; - To realize the management of experimental verification of the results of research and development, to conclude contracts to perform works by outside organization. Scientific interests: the Yakut dictionary