Koryakina Antonina Fedorovna

Senior Researcher

Kulakovsky str., 42

+7 (914) 267-32-37

Эл. почта:

Additional information

Duties:- To prepare work plans of the Dissertation Council of the Faculty (Institute);- To monitor the implementation of solutions accepted by dissertation council of the Faculty (Institute);- To provide organizational and technical preparation of meetings of the Dissertation Council of the Faculty (Institute);- To keep documentation of the Dissertation Council of the Faculty (Institute), to prepare presentation of candidates to academic titles, minutes of meetings and decisions of the Dissertation Council of the Faculty (Institute), draft orders of educational institutions, evaluation of the case;- To prepare a presentation to employees in state and industry awards, applicants to participate in the competition for positions of teaching staff and researchers;- To prepare a presentation of post-graduate to the nominal scholarships;- To draw up the necessary minutes of meetings, decisions of the Board of the Faculty (Institute), order draft of head of the educational institution for further submission to the scientific council of the educational institution.Scientific interests: comparative study of world epics, pedagogy, philosophy, olonkho


Publication Dowload Links
1. Stable and Transformed Motives in the Yakut Olonkho Northern Epic Tradition pdf link
2. On the Issue of Origin of the Yakut Epic Olonkho pdf link