Evstafyeva Galina Dmitrievna

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Galina Evstafeva, NEFU. I am a post-graduate student of Institute of Physics and Technologies at the North-Eastern Federal University. I specialize in Jewelry stones and Metals. My major is «Effect of heat treatment on stress state of diamond crystals». I was fascinated by science and research at the school. Then I dealt with physics and mathematical statistics. I participated in competitions and conferences. Often she won and took prizes. In 2006, I entered the Physical Technical Institute in the Department of Technology of Processing of Precious Stones and Metals. I am very interested in a natural diamond crystal, how having the highest hardness at the same time it is very fragile. I began to address the issue of relaxation of stress state of diamond crystal. After a review of relevant literature my supervisor and I chose annealing as the main way to solve this problem and X-ray analysis as the primary method of research. In 2012, I won a grant fr om the President of the Russian Federation to study abroad. This gave an opportunity of scientific training at Michigan State University in the United States. At MSU I worked with Professor Timothy Grotjohn in the laboratory "Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Laser Applications" wh ere I mastered the Raman method of investigation and conducted experiments on natural diamond crystals. This scientific training gave a huge boost to reach my ultimate goal of becoming a Ph.D. of technical science. To date there have been conducted a number of experimental works on annealing of natural diamond crystals at different temperatures and conditions. The main results of study are presented at scientific conferences of Russian and International levels. In addition, the results are presented in several publications in scientific journals, including two peer-reviewed.