Dmitriev Andrey Andreevich

Senior Instructor

Kulakovskogo 50

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Additional information

Andrei Dmitriev was born with. Maya Megino-Kangalassky YASSR area. He began his career as apprentice fitter repair and maintenance businesses (RTP) in 1987. The miner began his career in 1989 working laboratory simulation results of technological impacts on permafrost (IGDS). Participated as a miner in the experiment (a gold ore processing plant "Kularzoloto" mine "Central")After successfully defending his thesis on the specialty 0902 "Underground mining" in 1995, worked as a mechanic for repair of mining equipment 5 category in the "ALROSA", Mirnyi mine, mine "Mir". At the same career as an assistant driver of the excavator 5 category , foreman pyleventilyatsionnoy service, design engineers drilling and blasting of the site. The analytical mind and a tendency to scientific thinking led him in 1997 in Yakutsk State University graduate with a degree in "Physical processes of mining."He contributed to the Mining Sciences of the Republic, taking part in carrying out research work on the problem of extraction of fine gold from placer gold mining tailings. They offer technical solutions recognized by the invention ensures the completeness of gold extraction and comprehensive selection of valuable minerals schlich. Develop technical recommendations submitted to the JSC "Aldanzoloto." Realizing the prospects of the mineral resource base, working to improve the efficiency of the advanced technology of heap leaching of gold from ores in subzero temperatures. Together with colleagues from artisanal Artel "Seligdar" analyzed and summarized the work experience and the secrets of heap leaching of gold in the harsh conditions of the North.In 2000 he was elected scientific secretary of the Mining Department. He worked as chairman of the scientific-research work of students, union of young scientists and specialists of the Institute of Mining and Geology. He was a member of the Coordinating Council of young scientists and specialists of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). Currently working deputy.