Aprosimova Ekaterina Petrovna

Associate Professor

Kulakovskiy st. 50 office 519

+7 (4112) 36-59-65

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Additional information

Aprosimova Ekaterina was born in the working settlement of river transport workers and gold miners Eldikan * of the Ust-Maysky region of Yakutia. * From Evenki the name of the settlement is translated as "Leader". During study at school, in the 9th form, she was awarded by the badge "For excellent study" of the Central Committee of All-Union Leninist Young Communist League. During study in the Kemerovo industrial and pedagogical technical college she got the grant of the Lenin Komsomol and the badge "For excellent study". Study at the Kuzbass polytechnical institute was connected with the beginning of publicistic activity which is proceeding now. Ekaterina is the only representative of the indigenous minority peoples in the world having education of the mining engineer, specializing on underground cars. She carried out the following activities during her work in the university: - Chief of educational and methodical department of mining-and-geological institute; - Chairman of the educational and methodical commission of the Mining faculty; - The deputy dean on study of the Mining faculty, etc.