Alykov Sergey Prokofyevich

Senior Instructor

Kulakovskiy, 50

+7 (924) 661-21-36

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Education: In 1975 he graduated from the department of mining engineering faculty of the Yakut State University Duties: Currently Alkov S.P. is a senior lecturer at the department "Underground mining of mineral deposits" Mining faculty “NEFU” . He conducts classes on subjects "design of mining enterprises", "Technology and safety of blasting" and "Fundamentals of Mining" for students of full-time and distance learning and “Underground Mining” “Underground Mining Construction” specialties. Supervises manufacturing practice and diploma projects. Consults section of the graduation project. Prepared two manuals on mountain discipline. Uses lecturing information and communication technologies. Biography: In 1975 He graduated from the department of mining engineering technical faculty of “YSU”. He worked as a junior researcher for the contractual works with mining companies. Since 1981, work in construction organizations of Yakutsk, excavator foreman rescue and recovery operations to strengthen the pile foundations. Since 1985, the work of a specialized drill and fire company SPMK-30 trust "Soyuzmeliovzryvprom" safety engineer for blasting, a senior engineer of production and technical department, deputy chief engineer. In 1987 he was admitted as a research laboratory of Technology and Economics, an open mountain of the Institute of Mining of the North of SB RAS. In 1996, he was transferred researcher at the newly formed National Laboratory crystal save Technology Research Center of diamonds, precious stones and native gold (CNRS) under the Government of the RS (Y). In 1998 he was transfer to JSC "Yakutstroymaterialy" accepted the post of heads-tion surveyor. In 2000 was adopted as the chief engineer of the gold mining enterprise "Firm ROMIS". In 2002, he joined the Yakut State University as a senior lecturer of underground mining of mineral deposits Mining Faculty. Achievements and promotion: Alcove S.P. has certificates of production enterprises, the Diploma of the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation, the Russian labor veteran, awarded a diploma GOU SPO "Nyurbinsk College" for the training of technicians for the mining industry ulus


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