Efimova Lyudmila Stepanovna

Head of Department

Khabarov street 21, Yakutsk

+7 (914) 234-20-53

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Additional information

Lyudmila Yefimova works since 1996 at the Department of folklore and culture of the Institute of languages and cultures of the peoples from Russian Federation. She holds a Doktor of Philology, she is a professor of the Department. In 2004 she defended her dissertation "Lexical-stylistic features round dance songs Yakut language" on the degree of candidate of philological sciences in specialty 10.02.02 - languages of the peoples of the Russian Federation (Yakut). In 2005, she had the Grant won the RHF-region № 05-04-79480 g / T "Round dance songs Yakut: Theory and Practice" for the scientific-practical conference. In 2009, she worked in the Grant FAO number 3.2.3 / 7134 "Epic tradition and modernity." From 2007 to 2011. Lyudmila Yefimova with her students from NEFU supervised folklore expedition to study the existence of the epic and folk traditions of Russian Turkic-Mongol peoples (of: Altai, Tyva, Khakassia, Buryatia, Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Kalmykia) and Mongolia. On 30 September, 2013 she defended his thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philological Sciences on the theme "Yakut’s algys: specific genre, poetics" in the specialty 10.01.09 - Folklore in the D. 212.305.01 at Kalmyk State University.