Gerasimova Evdokiya Sofronovna

Senior Instructor

Yakutsk, ul. Kulakovskogo 42

+7 (4112) 49-67-50

Эл. почта:

Additional information

Born in 1970 in s. Khara-Aldan Tattinsky District. In 1987 he graduated from the Ust-Tatta high school in 1991 Vilyui teacher training college and in 1996 the Yakut branch of the faculty of the Yakut philology and culture of YSU.Since 1998, working as a teacher of the department of the Yakut language, and since 2000 the Department of stylistics and translation FYAFK. He teaches elective courses "Culture Yakut speech" on non-core faculty of YSU.She defended her thesis on the topic "Category multiplicity in the functional styles of the Yakut language"


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1. Use of Means of Plurality in Functional Styles of the Yakut Language